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December 4, 2021

Top TV shows in Romania, according to Content Power Ratings conducted by Starcom

  • After an atypical year, in which Romanians spent a lot of time in front of the TV, this spring there was a decrease both in terms of TV content consumption and in terms of fan activity on the social media pages of the shows;
  • Românii au talent is viewers’ favorite show, followed by Survivor Romania, which has had considerable success this year and has generated the most online conversations;
  • Adela series broadcast by Antena 1 is the only new title entered in top 10.


According to Content Power Ratings, a recent study conducted by Starcom Romania based on an innovative system of ranking TV programs, Romanians’ top favorite shows  in February-May 2021 were led by Românii au talent (Romania’s Got Talent), followed by Survivor Romania, which reached impressive results on Youtube and social media. At the same time, Chefi la cuțite show ranked third, enjoying high visibility in online publications and forums.

George Mușat, Head of Business Analytics, stated: “This spring, Romanians spent less time in front of the TV compared to the previous year, marking a return to the pre-pandemic trend. The results confirm that 2020 was an atypical year – the downward trend in TV content consumption was then reversed for the first time in 4 years. However, the level recorded this year remains high, being similar to that of 2017-2018.”

Fan activity on the social media pages of the shows decreased between February and May 2021 by almost 16%. The decrease is due to the absence of Asia Express, which in the past accounted for more than a third of total consumer reactions across the market. Moreover, the shares of content posted by the accounts of TV shows are down 40% compared to last year’s spring. Contrary to the general trend, the leader of the top, Românii au talent, records an impressive evolution of this indicator: performance 2.5 times higher than the spring 2020 season, which translates into a market share of over 70%.


Top shows according to Content Power Ratings


Românii au talent (Pro TV) is the show that aroused the most interest from fans among all programs produced in Romania and broadcast in the spring schedule of TV stations in 2020 and 2021. The materials published on the social media pages of the show record notable performances, and interest in the show is also reflected in the number of online searches: + 20% compared to the title on the 2nd place. Despite a fierce competition, the show is on the first place on 4 dimensions, compared to 3, last year.

Survivor Romania (Kanal D) climbs to second place this spring, after last year’s 11th place. Fans’ interest in the show is reflected both in TV audiences, where it scores third in the top compared to ninth last year, but especially in the performance of the Youtube channel, which gathered over 109 million views during this period. At the same time, it is the program that has aroused the most reactions and conversations on social media. Fans showed their support for their favorite participants on social networks, the show’s accounts gathering a double number of reactions compared to the show ranked 3rd and over 1.1 million comments on Youtube and Instagram.

Survior Romania is followed by Chefi la Cuțite (Antena 1), a leader in terms of earned and paid media. The show also performs in terms of fan engagement, where it ranks 3rd and 4th.

In fourth place is the show iUmor (Antena 1), which climbed one position compared to last year. The program has improved both its TV performance, rising two positions compared to the spring season of 2020, as well as those on social media. Instead, the performance of the show on Youtube has decreased considerably. If last year the show ranked 1st in terms of the number of views per video on Youtube, exceeding the figure of 600,000, this year’s audience is close to 200,000, being surpassed by Survivor Romania.


Top TV Audiences


There is a leveling in terms of TV audience, one of the indicators of the study. If in 2020, the difference between first and second place was 2.4 points, this season, it has dropped to just one point. Românii au talent is the winner of the spring grid, closely followed by Las Fierbinți and Survivor Romania.


 The top in print and online publications


Chefi la Cuțite show has a high visibility, especially in online publications and forums, where what happens during the show is hotly debated.


The social media top


Survivor România wins the social media race, at a close distance from Românii au Talent. Acces Direct, the 2020 leader, drops to 6th place.


Top online searches


Pro TV productions occupy the first two places, being close in terms of performance from Puterea Dragostei (Kanal D) and Burlacul (Antena 1).


About the algorithm:


Content Power Ratings study takes into account both the TV audience and social media activity, online viewing, the number of search engine queries and the interest shown in the print and online media between February and May 2021. Due to the method of calculating performance, Content Power Ratings becomes the most complex system for measuring the interest aroused by television programs and gives a clearer picture of their impact.

The calculation algorithm of Content Power Ratings was developed taking into account three dimensions related to total population:

  • Audience size index – calculated based on TV audiences nationwide, the number of people following accounts on social networks and the number of views of videos posted on shows’ YouTube accounts. This index has a share of 50% in the total rating.
  • Fans’ involvement index – calculated based on the number of appreciations and distributions by users of the content on social networks and the number of searches of the show on search engines. This index has a weight of 30% in the total rating.
  • Promotion index (advocacy) – calculated based on appearances in print and online media and the number of comments on social media accounts. This index has a weight of 20% in the total rating.

The data sources used to compile the charts were: ZeList monitoring for visibility in print and online media, Social Tools ™ for monitoring accounts on social networks, Kantar Media for TV audience data and Google Trends for monitoring interest in search engines.


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