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October 6, 2022

INSCOP poll: Over 59 % of Romanians would vote for nationalist party supporting traditional family

More than 59% of the respondents to an INSCOP poll would vote for a nationalist party that promotes religious values and supports the traditional family, however, about two-thirds would not support such a party if it promoted Romania’s withdrawal from the European Union, the rapprochement with Russia or the restriction of the national minorities’ rights.

The opinion poll “Public distrust: West vs. East, the rise of the nationalist current in the age of misinformation and fake news phenomenon” – Part II was conducted by INSCOP Research in partnership with Verifield upon the commission of the Strategic Thinking Group think tank, as part of a research project supported by The German Marshal Fund of the United States and funded by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation through the True Story Project. The opinion poll conducted between June 1 and 15 is divided into three chapters, the second being dedicated to measuring the willingness of Romanians to vote for a nationalist party, as well as their adherence to a number of elements pertaining to the Eurosceptic and nationalist agenda.


Thus, when asked if they would vote for a nationalist party that promotes religious values and supports the traditional family, 59.5% said yes and 34.8% said no.

Furthermore, of those who responded that they would support a nationalist party that promotes religious values and the traditional family:

– 61% said that they would not vote for such a party if it proposed measures and policies that could trigger Romania’s withdrawal from the European Union;

– 75% said that they would not vote for such a party, if it proposed Romania’s rapprochement with Russia;

– 70% stated that they would no longer vote for such a party, if it proposed restricting the rights of national minorities.

“The percentage of those who believe that Romania must defend its national interests even if it risks losing its EU membership status remains similar to that resulting from the March research (64%). The interpretation of this massive population group as followers of nationalist options should be nuanced. Sociological research included a filter question through which we exclusively measured the opinion of this group, and the results show that two thirds of them, although supporters of the defense of national interests, believe that Romania’s exit from the European Union would affect national interests. The apparent dissonance highlights the fact that the majority of Romanians consider that, if the rest of the European countries pursue their own national interests, it is legitimate for Romanians to want the same thing for their country. However, there is a clear rational awareness that leaving the EU would affect national interests and that the country’s economic development has the best prospects within the Union,” said Strategic Thinking Group president Remus Stefureac according to Agerpres.

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