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August 8, 2022

Brainspotting consultancy company launches Loginro, a platform aiming to regain the Romanian IT specialists working abroad

  • 26% of the IT specialists left Romania in the past 20 years, but 1 of 4 wishes to return
  • Romania has a deficit of 15.000 technology specialists per year
  • Approximately 40.000 technology professionals are working abroad and 140.000 in the country
  • Over 20 companies are investing in the project, as partners and sponsors, with the aim of growing the market on the long term
  • A concept based on attraction and engagement mechanisms validated on the IT talent market, in the past 10 years
  • Loginro’s activity is fully independent of Brainspotting


Loginro, the newest and most ambitious digital brand, aims at connecting employers and IT talents around career opportunities and to create a relevant and functional network for the local technology industry.

Romania has a deficit of over 15.000 technology specialists every year, with 40.000 professionals working abroad and 140.000 in the country. In the past 20 years, 26% of the IT professionals left Romania, but 1 of 4 wants to return, according to an internal survey conducted in May 2020.

“The project’s objective is to capitalize the Romanian IT talent, to create a functional, vivid community, to signal the potential of the market in terms of quality of the talent, not only quantity. The long-term ambition is to contribute to the solid positioning of Romania on the global IT map, to feed the „brain regain” for Romania, to increase the country’s rating in the world of IT specialists” says Ana Giurcă, founder Loginro.

The platform will function not only as an efficient IT jobs marketplace but also as an excellent portal for promoting Romania as a resource of talent and great opportunities for personal development and a valuable lifestyle, for this professional category.

As part of the vision to build a tech professionals community in Romania and abroad, Loginro brings together the relevant career opportunities from important software companies, along with details on their projects, offering professionals the possibility to influence the way the industry is evolving.

In Loginro you can find valuable information such as salary levels, employment behavior but also “special missions” developed through IT projects that are meant to contribute to solving general problems of humanity.

“Loginro is based on mechanisms of attraction and engagement validated on the IT talent market in the past 10 years. Until now, over 20 companies joined the project as partners and sponsors”, adds Ana Giurcă.

The name of the project, smart and well connected to the industry, but also universally recognizable due to the global internet language, speaks about “the settling down” in Romania, about the connection to a country that has something interesting to offer.

Among the companies that joined the project and support Loginro cause, both of creating a functional community and encouraging the brain regain for Romania, we mention Bosch Engineering Center Cluj, Siemens Romania R&D, DB Global Technology, LSEG Romania

(as partners), BCR, Edenred Digital Center, eMag, Fortech, Garmin, ING Tech Romania, Molson Coors GBS, msg Romania, Orange Services, Systematic (as sponsors).

Loginro can be accessed at: www.loginro.com. The companies interested in joining the project can send their request to: contact@loginro.com, a press release issued by the company informs.





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