Parliament defeats no-confidence motion against Citu Government

The motion of no-confidence tabled by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) and called “Failed Romania: The ‘fabulous’ record of the Citu government” was defeated on Tuesday at a joint plenary sitting of Parliament.

In order for the motion to succeed, 234 ayes would have been needed, which is half plus one of the number of seats. PSD hold 157 seats.

The final vote was 201 ayes to one.


PM Citu to PSD, at the debate of the motion of no-confidence: You will not get rid of the one you fear most


Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Tuesday, in the plenary sitting of the Parliament, at the debate of the censure motion, that the social democrats consider him “their biggest enemy,” but he conveyed to them that they will not get rid of him because he “solved” the elections within the PNL.

“12.12.2019. 13.05.2020. Do you remember what these dates represent? Two simple motions tabled against me by PSD. Not to mention countless interpellations, calls for Prime Minister’s Hour, Government Hour and so on. Romanians understood already the conclusion of these PSD tricks. The social democrats see in me their greatest enemy, a threat. And we see it in this motion today. Why? Because I am the only one who has systematically and vehemently opposed any collaboration, under any form with PSD. All Romanians must know that I will never compromise, but especially when it comes to PSD, you already know what kind of politician I am, and you know that I would never, but never, even joke, to bring down my own Government and then to govern with PSD. I entered politics being a convinced liberal and I will fully respect the liberal principles and values. Gentlemen from PSD, you hope in vain. You lie to yourself. After September 25 it will be even worse for you. I solved the elections in PNL, you will not get rid of the person you fear the most,” said Florin Citu.


Motion establishes alliance between PSD and AUR; it will fail


Prime Minister Florin Citu also declared on Tuesday, in the plenary sitting of the Parliament, that the censure motion, which “will fail,” is the official act that “establishes” the alliance between PSD and AUR.

He stressed that, regardless of political costs, the reforms undertaken in the government program will be carried out.

“We are making these reforms because Romania is moving forward. This is the Government that will make reforms regardless of obstacles. We are reforming the pension system, the salary system, the public administration and the justice system. We are reforming the pension system to ensure that increased pensions will be paid also in 2030. We are reforming the judiciary to correct the pro-criminal policy of PSD, to lift CVM. We are reforming state-owned companies to ensure that we no longer throw Romanians’ money into black holes. The reforms will ensure predictability because only in this way we will be able to develop Romania. We are in the stage where if we do not do something, if we do not do these reforms, we will remain at the tail end of Europe, where PSD has kept us for so many years. This is what really bothers you, PSD gentlemen, that we are lifting Romanians out of poverty and you will no longer be able to keep them captive in the logic of social benefits,” the prime minister stated, according to Agerpres.




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