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March 23, 2023

PSD’s Ciolacu: As Switzerland’s football team, nobody gives the Social Democrats any chances at the censure motion, we’ll fight until the last vote

Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu stated on Tuesday that, just as Switzerland’s football team, nobody gives the Social Democrats any chances at the censure motion, but they will fight until the last vote.

“Last night, together with tens of thousands of spectators, I saw what it means to fight until the last minute. To be exhausted, but to believe in your chance to the end. Like Switzerland, nobody gives us any chances at the censure motion. But we will fight until the last vote. Obviously, we’re also counting on the muff on duty. Come on, it can be done!” wrote Ciolacu, on Facebook.

The Chamber of Deputies and Senate are meeting in joint sitting, on Tuesday, to debate and vote on the censure motion initiated by the PSD and titled “Failed Romania: The ‘fantastic’ record of the Citu Government.”

The censure motion was presented in the joint chambers last week.

“The PNL-USR-UDMR [National Liberal Party – Save Romania Union – Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania] leads the Romanian economy to the brink with amazing speed! Romania lives day-to-day, from massive loans taken at astronomical interest rates. The prices have exploded, the pockets of Romanians have emptied. Bills have doubled, basic food items have become luxury items, essential medicine either can’t be found or is very expensive. The Euro/RON rate has reached 5 RON, and the liter of gas exceeds 6 RON. Only ‘fantastic things’! The public debt defeats record after record, and of the 3 pct deficit target nobody recalls! Notwithstanding, allowances, salaries and pensions are frozen and entrepreneurs complain that the state is not paying for work rendered! No money for state, no money for private enterprise! And then, the question that is on the lips of all Romanians is: what did you do with the money, Mr. Citu!?.” according to the document initiated by the PSD MPs.


For the motion to succeed it would take 20 of votes of the ruling coalition MPs


National leader of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said that on Tuesday, all the Social Democrat MP will attend a debate and vote on the motion of no-confidence, and for the motion to succeed it would take 20 of votes of the power MPs.

“PSD will be present in full tomorrow [Tuesday] for the motion of no-confidence. There was only one lawmaker who has an incurable disease and undergoing treatment, but he will show up for this motion. I understood that the entire AUR [Alliance for Romanian Unity] group is present. I have talked with them; we do not have a political project, but they have publicly announced that they will vote for the motion. The non-affiliated MPs have announced they will come, and I assume that there will be votes from the minority group as well. It would take 20 votes from the power MPs for the motion to succeed,’ Ciolacu told TVR public broadcaster.

He added that the fact that the MPs of the Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) coalition at rule will be held in the benches and will not vote “is an instrument of blackmail and negotiation from [PM] Citu.”

“We will find out in 2-3 days what they negotiated today. When you see any appointment made. (…) If I were in Orban’s place, I would make a gesture of patriotism and urge my colleagues to vote on this motion,” he said, according to Agerpres.


Senate’s Dragu: PSD’s motion of confidence, extremely superficial. I have absolutely no fear


TOn the other hand, the  President of the Senate, Anca Dragu, declared that she has no fear that the censure motion initiated by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) parliamentarians – which will be debated and voted on Tuesday in Parliament – could pass, motivating that the current Coalition “works” and is “strong.”

“I have absolutely no fear. I am firmly convinced that this Coalition works, it is strong. There would be no reasons beyond the political vote. I listened to the presentation of the motion and it is extremely superficial,” Dragu said on Monday.

She specified that the action manner of the parliamentary majority will be established in the Coalition meeting on Monday evening.

Asked about a possible reshuffle of the Minister of Economy, Claudiu Nasui, Anca Dragu said: “As we established in the supplementary protocol signed at the Coalition level, there must be a proper assessment at the Coalition level. We have not done any analysis yet and I could not comment on speculations, but we will see.”

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