Explosion and fire at Petromidia Refinery in Navodari, Red Code Intervention Plan activated. PM Citu: I asked Raed Arafat and IGSU head to coordinate the rescue intervention

An explosion, followed by a fire, took place at the Petromidia Refinery in Navodari, the Emergency Situations General Inspectorate (IGSU), announced, also saying that three persons are injured.

At the scene there are 8 firefighting trucks, two SMURD ambulances, one mobile intensive care unit, as well as one helicopter on standby.

“To increase the efficiency of the response mission, at the level of the county the Red Code Intervention Plan was activated. Also, given the large smoke releases, for the protection of the population in the proximity a RO-ALERT message was issued,” the IGSU mentions.

According to the quoted source, the fire is taking place in an oil transport installation, and rescuers are acting at this moment to shut off valves and cut off the fuel supply.

Previously, the Constanta Emergency Situations Inspectorate announced that one person suffered burns on approximately 45 pct of his body.

Petromidia Navodari is the largest oil refinery in Romania and one of the most modern in the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea area.


Rompetrol: The fire started at the diesel oil refining plant,   all technological processes at the refinery were stopped


The fire started at the diesel oil refining plant, and all technological processes at the refinery were stopped,  the KMGI group (former Rompetrol Group), said on Friday.

“Today, there was an incident on the platform of the Petromidia refinery, within the diesel oil refining installation (HPM). According to the internal crisis management procedures, the technological processes at the refinery were halted safely,” said Rompetrol representatives.

At this point, response teams are working to contain and extinguish the fire.

“We will come back with more details as soon as possible,” the company added.

According to the Ministry of Health and the Emergency Management Inspectorate (ISU), three people were injured and rushed to the Constanta County Emergency Clinical Hospital.

One of them, with burns covering 45% of the body, was taken over by a SMURD emergency helicopter. Another person sustained burns to the face, and a third victim had a lumbar trauma.


PM Citu: I asked Raed Arafat and IGSU head to coordinate the rescue intervention


Prime Minister Florin Citu announces he has asked Secretary of State with the Interior Ministry Raed Arafat and Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations (IGSU) head Dan Iamandi to go to the Midia – Navodari platform and coordinate the intervention for the rescue of the persons caught in the blast at the Petromidia Refinery.

“I have been informed by Raed Arafat about the blast at Midia – Navodari Platform right after the incident occurred. I asked Secretary of State Raed Arafat and IGSU head Dan Iamadi to go on site and personally coordinate the intervention for rescuing the persons caught in the blast. At the same time, they must make sure that all logistics resources are deployed in order to keep the situation under control and avoid other casualties,” the PM wrote on Facebook on Friday.

He points out that he asked the DSU head to assess, alongside the other specialists, if other safety measures are required, including evacuating some persons from the area.

“At the moment, the rescuers are intervening with three fire engines from ISU Dobrogea, backed by nine fire engines from Calarasi, Ialomita, Tulcea and Braila. In addition to these there is a multiple victim transport truck, a SMURD helicopter, five SMURD intervention cars and five ambulances from the Constanta Ambulance Service,” Citu adds.


ISU Dobrogea: Six victims, including missing person in the Petromidia refinery blast


The Dobrogea Emergency management Inspectorate (ISU) Dobrogea announces that an explosion at the Petromidia Refinery has so far left six victims, one of whom is reported missing; senior emergency management official Raed Arafat went to the scene.

According to the spokesperson of ISU Dobrogea, Anamaria Stoica, the victims are between 30 and 50 years old.

“We have six victims, one of whom is still missing, one person was taken by a SMURD emergency helicopter having sustained burns on 40% of the body and flown to the UPU Constanta, while four more conscious victims with minor burns and multiple injuries were taken over by the SMURD crews and ambulance crews, rushed to the Constanta County Hospital,” said Stoica.

About 50 firefighters were working to cool the installations. Stoica said the fire was contained and there would be no risk of a new explosion, but the situation is dynamic and unpredictable.

Senior emergency management official Arafat was also there.

“The priority of the intervention crews was immediate evacuation of the victims, one of whom sustained burns on 45% of the body surface was flown by a SMURD emergency helicopter to the hospital, another one with burns on the face was rushed to the hospital, one with lower limb injuries, one with lumbar injuries rushed to the hospital, and one with minor burns. At this moment, search-and-rescue operations are being carried out in the case of a missing person,” according to DSU.

Due to large smoke emissions, a RO-ALERT message was issued for the locals of Navodari and Corbu.

“From the information we have, it seems that it was an explosion at the oil gas transmission installation. The cause will be established at the end of the intervention,” said Stoica.

“Approximately 50 firefighters went to the scene and with five fire trucks with water and foam, one truck with 2,000 l of extinguishing substance, one utility vehicle for transporting multiple victims, one water tank, five first-class SMURD ambulances aid, one mobile intensive care unit and five ambulances of the Constanta County Ambulance Service. In order to optimise the response, additional resources were ordered: eight utility water and foam trucks from ISU Calarasi, Tulcea, Ialomita, and Braila, as well as a truck with 2,000 l of extinguishing substance, subsequently the quantity of the extinguishing substance was supplemented by 2,000 l from ISU Calarasi, ISU Galati, ISU Tulcea, ISU Ialomita and ISU Vrancea. (…) At the moment, the situation is under control, and the Environmental Guard says the smoke is rising in the opposite direction to the beach and the city, which is why the locals are safe. However, we are kindly asking the locals to take self-protection measures by closing their windows,” according to DSU.


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