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May 19, 2022

President Iohannis, at the reception to mark U.S. Independence Day: Romania is a promoter of a strong transatlantic relation. Muniz: The  US is proud to have assisted Romania in promoting the rule of law

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday said that Romania is a promoter of a strong transatlantic relation and will continue to support a robust and indivisible North Atlantic Alliance and cooperation between NATO and the EU.

“Romania is and will remain strongly rooted in the community of democratic values while being a promoter of a strong transatlantic relationship. We will continue to support a robust and indivisible North Atlantic Alliance, as well as synergistic and complementary cooperation between NATO and the European Union. I am certain that the transatlantic relations provide the most effective tools to manage current challenges, including reaffirming democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. A revitalized transatlantic partnership will positively influence how the international system adapts to the current context, by reporting to shared democratic values,” the head of state said at a reception given by the US Embassy on Independence Day.

He underscored that Romania supports and promotes the concept of transatlantic strategic resilience.

“Our aim is to reduce or even eliminate the dependence on actors who do not share the same values that represent the basis of the transatlantic community we are a part of. This is also the meaning of Romania’s initiative to set up the Euro-Atlantic Centre for Resilience in Bucharest, which we have recently inaugurated, and which is open to our partners,” Iohannis said.

The head of state pointed out that, at bilateral level, the relationship between Romania and the USA is based on a solid and deep strategic partnership, on the common belonging to the values of democracy, rule of law and human rights, and mentioned that this year marks three special moments: ten years since the adoption of the Joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century, ten years since the signing and entry into force of the Agreement on the location of the United States ballistic missile defence system in Romania and five years since the achievement of the Full Operational Capacity of the Ballistic Missile Defence Facility in Deveselu.

“The deepening of the strategic partnership also aims to encourage stronger links between people. A solid support of the transatlantic educational and cultural dialogue is the Fulbright Scholarship Programme, which this year celebrates 75 years since its launch and over 60 years of presence in Romania, thus completing the series of important anniversary moments in the bilateral relationship,” Iohannis added.

He added that the recent European tour of the US President Joe Biden was a success, adding that the decisions taken at the NATO Summit, the European Union-US Summit and the G7 meeting in Carbis Bay are “clear evidence of the commitment of the United States to its allies and partners, as well as its re-involvement in key issues for international architecture.”

The President also appreciated that the discussions he had with President Biden on the sidelines of the NATO Summit were an opportunity to reconfirm both the strength of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the United States and the commitment of the US partners to Euro-Atlantic security. He also appreciated the participation, for the first time, of a US President at the Bucharest Format Summit 9, hosted in May in Romania.

“President Joe Biden’s message at the meeting was strong and very encouraging for the Allies on the Eastern Flank, showing that the transatlantic relation is not just a link between the two shores of the Atlantic, but extends across Europe to the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea, and the partnership between the USA and Europe is the cornerstone of international relations,” said Klaus Iohannis.


Charge d’affaires Muniz: The  US is proud to have assisted Romania in promoting the rule of law


Charge d’affaires of the US Embassy in Bucharest David Muniz said on Thursday, at an Independence Day reception, that the US is proud to have assisted Romania in promoting the rule of law.

“Romania has shown its strength and willingness to fight corruption, and continued dedication to the rule of law will help eradicate its last vestiges to haunt this nation. We are proud to have assisted Romania in promoting the rule of law and we continue to stand beside you in this effort,” he said.

He pointed out that “nations, like people, are defined by what they stand for and whom they stand with.”

“Today I see a nation that the United States is proud to call an ally and friend. (…) Thank you for standing with and know that we will stand alongside Romania as it continues to realise its rightful place as a leading European nation,” said the official.

The diplomat recalled that ten years ago the Joint Declaration on the Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century between the United States of America and Romania was penned.

“This declaration recognised our mutual security, our mutual commitment to democratic values, our bonds of friendship, and our shared vision of the necessity of open markets and open exchange,” the US official said.

According to him, the Strategic Partnership “envisioned Romania’s future.”

He also mentioned Romania’s mission in Afghanistan.

“Both our nations have seen many changes over the past decade, but the visions and promises embodied in the Strategic Partnership remain. I would be remiss not to mention that Romania immediately and bravely and thoroughly fulfilled the partnership declaration of mutual security guarantees. The final contingent of Romanian forces just returned home from Afghanistan and we owe them a debt of gratitude that we can never fully pay,” said Muniz.

The US Embassy official added that “Romania’s tireless efforts to improve its interoperability and cooperation with NATO allies, and its commitment to modernising its forces and incorporating the best defense capabilities available allow us all to breathe easier.”

He also said that “Romania is well placed, well on the road to becoming a key player in the pan-European technology, innovation and energy sectors.”

“This would not be possible if Romanian leadership had not honored its obligations over the past few years and worked to foster an environment friendly to business, whether in the technology sector or elsewhere. The Craiova-Pitesti highway project is just one example of how strong oversight and adept stewardship of public funds can quickly and tangibly provide real benefits,” Muniz underlined.

At the same time, he mentioned that the United States sincerely believes that, “for Romania to assume its rightful place at the table of European leadership, future development must be dominated by adherence to transparency and the rule of law.”

“Just one month ago, President Biden stated that countering corruption is a core element of the United States’ national security policy and that corruption threatens not just our security but also our development efforts and even democracy itself,” he said.

Regarding human rights, Muniz stated that “Romania’s strong stands in this area have made it a leader.”

“Your stands on matters in Belarus spoke volumes – it is only the most recent of many times when Romania stood for the values of the democratic world. We have wearied of unfailingly malign actors and their bullying, corruption and propaganda. We will move forward together, shaping the future of our nations and peoples, and those nations that prey upon their people and their neighbours and seek only to sow discord belong to past decades,” said Muniz.

“Thank you Romania for your clear-eyed perspective and for the steps you took to protect your country’s emergent 5G infrastructure from untrusted foreign control and for making the job of malign influencers propaganda all the more difficult,” said Muniz.


PM Citu: We aim to stimulate American economic presence in Romania as consistent as possible


Prime Minister Florin Citu declared on Thursday, at the reception offered by the US Embassy on the occasion of Independence Day, that the Government aims to stimulate a more consistent American economic presence in Romania.

We will maintain the strategic cooperation between Romania and the USA at the highest level by taking advantage of the opportunities arising from our common vision on the dimension of defense, energy security, sustainable economic recovery. At the same time, strengthening resilience and strengthening transatlantic relations beyond us. The security plan and the importance of increasing the US military presence in our country, the Romanian Government aims to encourage and stimulate a US economic presence as consistent as possible in Romania, including the development of energy sources, including nuclear, Prime Minister Florin Citu said.

He said that the recent adoption of the Law ratifying the intergovernmental agreement between Romania and the USA on the civilian nuclear field must signal the acceleration of the configuration of large-scale projects, capable of providing an additional strategic anchor to the bilateral relationship.

The Prime Minister stressed that the consistent development of the economic and investment dimension of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and the USA is a major priority for the Government.

Citu added that the Government will do this by promoting policies that provide predictability, transparency and reduction of bureaucratic burdens, the elimination of bureaucracy. Together with my colleagues in the Government we are engaged in a collective effort to demonstrate that the Romanian Government is a reliable partner. Such a relationship is essential for realizing the huge development potential that Romania has.

He also highlighted the fact that the Government supports the development and consolidation of the Strategic Partnership with the USA.

The Prime Minister also stated that a secure, stable and successful Romania is a strategic goal for him and his Government.

The head of government recalled that he spent more than ten years in the United States, where he studied and worked.

There are many lessons we learn from US history, but there are some we should use here in Romania today as well. First of all, I think that the fact that private property is sacrosanct remains a basis of democracy and should be a lesson for Romania, we should adopt that. Secondly, it is the fact that entrepreneurs, the people who develop their own companies, try, fail, try again and are the heroes of such an economy, they are appreciated in the USA and should do this in Romania as well. If we do these things, I am convinced that Romania will have a great future, Citu also stated.

At the beginning of the ceremony there was flyover of Romanian and British aircraft: five Puma helicopters, three cargo aircraft (C-130H and C -27J), a Eurofighter of the British Forces.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro


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