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August 18, 2022

PM Citu on Justice Day: Justice reform will not be an easy process, there are still many who want justice to remain inefficient and controllable

Prime Minister Florin Citu released a message on Sunday, July 4, Justice Day, saying that justice reform will not be an easy process, showing that there are still many who want justice to remain inefficient and controllable.

“Today, we are celebrating Justice Day. Without an independent, efficient and accountable judiciary there can be no consolidated liberal democracy. Since 1994, when Justice Day was established, many things have changed for the better in Romania by the work of those who believed and believe in the values of a free world. Romania is now an EU and NATO member state committed to the values of enhanced European democracies and we are about to witness a massive process of economic, social and political change. Justice reform is already under way, started by pro-European forces currently governing Romania. It is not going to be easy; there are still many who want justice to remain inefficient and controllable, but together with our institutional partners elsewhere in Europe, we are engaged in a process of healing justice from evil brought to it in the past years,” Citu is quoted as saying in the message released by the government.

He points out that “whoever thinks they can stop the inevitable and irreversible process of consolidating the independence and efficiency of the judiciary has understood nothing of the last 30 years.”

“Happy anniversary to the Romanian justice! Happy Justice Day to all those who carry out their business in this noble field of justice!” concludes Citu.

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