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6 Top-Ranked Universities in Romania

By Donald Fomby

Romania is a country of ancient castles, Gothic cathedrals, and beautiful villages, all nestled within some of southeastern Europe’s most mysterious landscapes. The country’s thick woods and snow-capped peaks, which are marked by such geographical beauties as the Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea, are ideal settings for the folklore that comes from virtually every region. Even though Romania is home to some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery, it attracts not only tourists seeking adventures. It is also a great destination for those who are looking for affordable and high-quality education.

Romania has been a European Union member since 2007. The membership gave it a huge push for developing all the national systems – from law and medicine to education. Its studying institutions have made significant progress in offering English-language degree programs in the last 15 years, which is excellent news for students interested in studying in Romania. Romanian bachelor’s and master’s degrees are recognized in all European countries and the rest of the globe, thanks to the Bologna system.

If you are having a rough time choosing the university of your dream, here are 6 top-ranked universities in Romania that are worth moving to.



The University of Transylvania in Brasov


The University of Transylvania in Brasov, founded in 1948, yearly educates 20,000 students from all around the world. They adjust their educational programs to the labor market’s demands to deliver suitable and relevant education, training, and research that rely on sustainable development principles and national and European frameworks.

With its number of students and academic workers, The University of Transylvania is Romania’s largest public university in the central part of the country. The students appreciate the variety and quality of study programs (more than 180 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees), as well as the adorableness of Brasov city – a historic town in the center of Romania, surrounded by mountains, with dynamic and diversified campus life.


The University of Bucharest


The University of Bucharest is one of Romania’s oldest higher education institutions, having been founded in 1864. Over 100 institutions across the world have partnered with the university, and the degrees they offer are recognized globally.

The university has over 32,000 students and provides a wide choice of educational variants, consisting of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees as well as additional academic programs including Erasmus. It provides the best human science programs and the studying process is highly intense. Essays are a vital part of it, and TrustMyPaper can help not to get lost in all the assignments.

The University of Bucharest is now one of the most important educational, scientific, and cultural institutions in the country. Raising the bar for highly educated employees, seeking scientific truth, and focusing on the humanistic principles of good, fairness, and liberty are all viewed as adhering to the greatest university traditions today.


Polytechnica University of Bucharest


The Polytechnica University of Bucharest is often referred to as the oldest educational institution in the country, which makes it distinguished and prominent. They claim their mission as “To produce knowledge through scientific research and to apply theoretical and practical knowledge in the professional training of students, with the aim of initiating them into their chosen field” and really do it for almost 200 years.

It takes pleasure in its ongoing modernization efforts and constant engagement with the educational community in Europe and throughout the world. The educational system emphasizes in-depth study of fundamental sciences, as well as active student engagement in research at major Romanian and worldwide scientific institutions.


The Bucharest University of Economic Research


The Bucharest University of Economic Research, which was founded in 1913, places a strong emphasis on internationalization by providing a wide range of programs (from bachelor’s to doctorate degrees) in English, German, and French. The doctorate program requires writing a dissertation, and the Supreme Dissertations service can be a key helper in this process. In the 12 faculties, there are about 22,000 students, 700 of them are from non-EU countries.

It is a research university that fulfills its goal by engaging in scientific and educational, design, expert-analytical, and sociocultural activities that adhere to worldwide scientific and organizational standards. They acknowledge themselves as members of the worldwide academic community and see international collaboration and participation in global university interactions as critical components of progress.

Theoretical and empirical research, as well as information sharing, are the foundations of work in The Bucharest University of Economic Research. It seeks to offer a practical contribution to the building of a new Romania without sacrificing the quality of research and without being restricted to teaching essential scientific knowledge.


Babes-Bolyai University


With approximately 41,000 students yearly, Babes-Bolyai University, founded in 1959, is Romania’s largest university. Babes-Bolyai University, which provides courses in Romanian, Hungarian, German, English, and French, is an exceptionally cheap university for individuals interested in studying abroad in Romania, especially considering 90 to 100 percent of students are accepted.

Babes-Bolyai University has earned the right to be considered one of Romania’s top institutions only in 65 years: current broad research activities, active development, and innovation have placed it at the forefront of Romanian science.


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, a leading research and teaching institution, was established in 1922 and enrolls around 12,500 students each year.

The institution prioritizes internationalization, with a specialized department for foreign affairs and over 200 inter-university collaborations and student mobility. Along with teaching and globalization, the institution places a strong emphasis on research.

It is one of the leading Romanian universities that trains specialists in many areas from cybersecurity and ICT management to foreign regional studies, advertising, and public relations. The institution is made up of a group of scientists, professionals, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are all dedicated to upholding excellent academic standards in their work.

Of course, the quality of education depends not only on the university you choose but also on your motivation and willingness to learn. However, the studying institution does play a huge role in your scientific, cultural and social development, and Romanian universities are worth considering to succeed in all of it.


Photo: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/romania

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