Azomures launches internal investigation following explosion on Tuesday night

The Azomures company has started an internal investigation following the explosion that took place on Tuesday to Wednesday night at the Azomures plant, stating that it will cooperate with the authorities that have responsibilities in this field.

“The company has started an internal investigation into the technical incident. We are cooperating with the authorities with responsibilities in this area and we will provide the necessary information. The company’s priority is to ensure the safety of employees and the local community, and how the incident was handled proved the effectiveness of the halt measures in emergency situations. We acknowledge the concern of the local community about the scale of the event and we offer assurances that there are measures that can limit, at any time, the escalation of a technical incident to one of the facilities on the platform. Azomures remains a top industrial installation, with the EU safety standards in force,” Azomures company informs in a release sent on Wednesday to AGERPRES.

According to the quoted source, the situation on the Azomures platform stabilized shortly after the explosion that took place one hour after midnight.

An explosion followed by a fire occurred on Tuesday night at ammonia station 3 of the Azomures chemical works, with a man about 50 years old sustaining an upper limb fracture. After the incident, a RO-ALERT message was issued to inform the population in the neighbouring area.


No increase of ammonia concentration near Azomures works


Ammonia concentration in Targu Mures was well below the allowed limit, between 01:00hrs and 07:00hrs, the Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests (MMAP) wrote on Wednesday on Facebook.

“Immediately after the incident, representatives of the Mures Environmental Protection Agency (APM) and the National Environmental Guard – Mures County went to the scene. The fire was extinguished. Plant operators followed the specific procedures, technically isolating the affected area and closed the plant safely. APM Mures continuously monitored the ammonia concentration with its self-contained laboratory. There were no increases in ammonia concentration (between 01:00hrs-07:00hr the values well below the allowed limit – between 0.001 and 0.017 mg/cu.m. The operator continuously monitors air quality indicators (ammonia) in self-monitoring points located in the area of influence of Azomures (the village of Cristesti and the Mureseni neighbourhood). From the information we have, there were no exceedances of the maximum allowed concentration for ammonia in the surrounding air,” according to the ministry.



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