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August 18, 2022

KLG Europe Romania: Simplify, the business ecosystem for online stores, has doubled its turnover in less than a year since launching last autumn

The company has come to process over 25,000 orders per month

Simplify, launched by KLG Europe Romania last year, has evolved quickly. In March 2021, the company increased by 115 percent over the previous year, accounting for 10% of KLG Europe Romania’s turnover. Simplify experienced an upward trend after the first six months, with a 300 percent increase in operating volumes, processing over 25,000 orders per month for online stores in the home & decor, toys, and fashion markets. Simplify provides entrepreneurs with a solution based on the integration of technology and operational flows to automate an online store’s internal processes.

”The expansion of our customer portfolio, as well as the growth generated by the development of Simplify’s customer business, resulted from addressing the current needs of e-commerce consumers. Through Simplify, we take over the entire logistics activity, giving customers the time they need to focus on actions that lead to business scaling, profit growth, and marketing and communication strategy development, such as site and delivery optimization, increasing the number of images for each product, expanding the range of items, and adding new product categories” says Cosmin Căpățâneanu, Digital Transformation Director.

Online businesses benefit from integrated services for the entire supply chain via the Simplify ecosystem, including any type of transport for supply, product reception, storage, packaging, and labeling, as well as access to the receipt of products returned by customers.

According to the latest eMAG Marketplace study, Simplify partner, there are still significant growth opportunities for digital transactions: the Romanian Association of Online Stores (ARMO) estimated a 30% increase in 2020, an estimated value of 6 billion euro for online retail, with online transactions accounting for approximately 10% of all retail. In terms of ordered products, the demand for laptops nearly doubled since April 2020 and Romanians ordered three times more vacuum cleaners and five times more tablets than the previous year. In recent months, the interest in mobile phones has increased by more than 35%.

Currently, there is a high demand for furniture and decorations, as well as a significant increase in the fashion segment.

”The evolution of the Romanian e-commerce market has also contributed to the development of our business priorities. They concentrated on digitization, allowing the Simplify customer to quickly access information, both business-useful information and software infrastructure that allows the integration of the many applications that e-commerce companies commonly use, such as online trading platforms, marketplace platforms or courier applications.

The most recent investments have been made in the IT sector, for the apps that underpin the ecosystem: the Warehouse Management System (WMS) application and the Simplify portal, and we will continue to invest in these applications as well as, gradually, in the automation sector to streamline processes. By the end of the year, we will have exceeded the initial investment of EUR 1.5 million in the first year of activity, and in five years, we will have reached EUR 5 million, all of which will come from KLG Europe funds. ” adds Cosmin Căpățâneanu, Digital Transformation Director.

One of the most important benefits provided to customers is the Simplify portal, which allows you to view real-time information such as the status of all supply transport (whether by road, sea, or air) or the status of orders that will reach those customers who ordered online. One can also view the status of stocks and packages to be delivered through this portal. Furthermore, information such as data analysis, return logistics, document management, and more is easily accessible thanks to process automation via API or direct ERP software integration with the Simplify ecosystem. In other words, just as the end consumer benefits from the AWB Tracking system for monitoring a package they will receive, Simplify customers have easy access to all information in the supply chain.


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