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August 8, 2022

Alexandrion Group launches Kingsbury London Dry Gin, simultaneously on the Romanian market and at international level

A refined, vibrant and contemporary gin distillate, with juniper and coriander flavours, bottled at the ALEXANDRION SABER DISTILLERIES 1789

Alexandrion Group launches a new product simultaneously on the Romanian market and at international level – Kingsbury London Dry Gin – providing the consumers and shoppers with a premium drink, distillated in Italy and bottled at the ALEXANDRION SABER DISTILLERIES 1789 from Prahova county. Created to reflect the elegance, nobility and royal distinction, attributes that define those who enjoy drinking it, Kingsbury London Dry Gin is a gin distillate, with predominant juniper and coriander flavours, which can be consumed neat, in combination with tonic water or in cocktail mixes.

“The launch of Kingsbury London Dry Gin is part of the development and transformation strategy of the Alexandrion Group’s product portfolio, into a portfolio able to cover the demands and needs of both the Romanian and international consumers. We can say that Kingsbury London Dry Gin is a European project which successfully combines influences from several countries: the name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, the design was made in London and coordinated from Paris, the raw materials come from Italy, the country where the distillation process was also performed, while the product is bottled at the ALEXANDRION SABER DISTILLERIES 1789, using pure high-quality water from the Subcarpathian ground source. We wanted to have a premium gin in our portfolio, made of natural ingredients, at the highest standards, able to attract gin lovers from all over the world. Central and Eastern Europe countries do not have tradition in gin production, but as a Romanian market leader Alexandrion Group is the engine that challenges other producers to contribute as well to the growth of this market with high development potential” said Corneliu Vȋlsan (photo R), Chief Marketing Officer, Alexandrion Group.


A typical London Dry Gin


The Dry Gin category originates in the 19th century, when the column pot, a more efficient alternative to the still pot, was invented. As most of the dry gin producers were located in London, this category was called London Dry Gin. Nowadays the name designates the process, not the location where this type of gin is produced.

Kingsbury is a typical London Dry Gin, obtained exclusively from ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, whose flavour is introduced through the re-distillation in traditional stills of ethyl alcohol in the presence of all the natural plant materials used.

It does not contain artificial ingredients, added sugar, colorants, allergens or any flavours other than those naturally obtained from juniper berries and coriander seeds. The only added ingredient is the pure water that comes from the Subcarpathian ground source, is filtered through a sophisticated process and enhances its taste.

Kingsbury London Dry Gin has a fine well-balanced taste, with spicy juniper, citrus, coriander and aromatic plants notes and can be consumed neat, in combination with tonic water or mixed in cocktails.

The new gin has a 40% ABV and is available in two sizes: 0.7 L and 1 L.

Starting from this summer, Kingsbury London Dry Gin can be purchased from the large retail chains, convenience stores or can be ordered online on iconicdrinks.shop as well as on other online shops. It can also be enjoyed in HoReCa venues.


A drink with noble character


The story of the brand is built around the Anglo-Saxon name, Kingsbury, which means castle or royal fort and suggests the grandeur and refinement specific to the lifestyle of the British aristocracy. These features are present in the character of the gin and are transferred to the consumer who feels “like a king” every time he or she chooses this drink.

They were sources of inspiration also for the visual identity designed in London, which vividly reflects the attributes of the brand. The colour combination of blue, golden and white shows the distinction. The fort and crown symbols are exhibited on the label like a royal stamp. The name Kingsbury written in capital letters and white suggests power and authority. The complex graphic elements on the label remind of the British inspired design.


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