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December 4, 2022

American helicopter with technical malfunction performs emergency landing in central area of Bucharest

The incident which finalized without any victim is investigated by a joint commission made of representatives of the Romanian Air Force and the US Embassy in Bucharest, and judicial investigations are being coordinated by the Bucharest Military Prosecutor’s Office

Policemen blocked traffic to facilitate landing of US helicopter in central Bucharest



Traffic was restricted on Thursday, in the area of Charles de Gaulle Square in central Bucharest, after an American helicopter participating in a training flight for Aviation Day, landed in a roundabout.

As a result of the incident, two cars and two lighting poles were damaged, according to the representatives of the Road Brigade.

Representatives of the Traffic Police, the Gendarmerie, SMURD (medical emergency extrication) crews, personnel of the Ministry of National Defense, as well as a special vehicle of the Police – Forensic Laboratory were  on the scene.

The United States Embassy in Bucharest has announced that it is closely following the incident involving the American emergency helicopter.

“The US Embassy is aware of the incident and we are closely following developments. We understand that there were no injuries. We are working with our Romanian partners to resolve the situation and will provide up-to-date information as it becomes available,” the message said.

Policemen from the Traffic Police were prompt to intervene in order to block traffic, so as to facilitate the landing of the helicopter belonging to US forces, stated, on Thursday, the spokesperson of the Traffic Police, Claudiu Costea.

“If they hadn’t done so, we may have had a tragedy,” the Police representative explained.

He added that the policemen requested support through dispatch and were quickly joined by 10 other traffic police crews arriving to restrict traffic.


Defense Ministry spokesman: Black Hawk helicopter forced into emergency landing by technical malfunction


Defense Ministry spokesman Constantin Spinu said that the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter that was doing a rehearsal flight on Thursday over Bucharest as part of a joint drill of the Romanian and the US Air Forces, reported a technical malfunction that forced it into an emergency landing.

“According to preliminary data there are no damages other than what can be seen – two light posts knocked over and two cars hit by the posts in the fall. The incident caused no victims, and its causes are to be determined by an investigation conducted jointly by the Romanian Air Force and the US military authorities that own the aircraft. The Romanian judicial authorities are at the site. During the day, the American side will issue a press release detailing the information known so far,” Spinu said.

Asked if other Black Hawk helicopters in Romania have been grounded following this incident, Constantin Spinu said that at this moment he has “no information about the nature of this incident, or about the measures that will be taken by the American side.”

“There are no victims, the crew is in very good condition. The incident produced no other consequences, but Mr. Prosecutor will be able to tell you more. I do not know the course of events. The judicial investigation will definitely look at all these aspects,” said the spokesman for the National Defense Ministry.


Military Prosecutor’s Office: Criminal case opened in emergency landing of US helicopter in central Bucharest


The Military Prosecutor’s Office was notified with respect to the incident in which a helicopter landed in Charles de Gaulle Square, following which a criminal case was opened, the spokesperson of the Military Prosecutor’s Office with the Military Court, Florin Bobin declared on Thursday.

“Our presence at the site is natural. We were notified about this event, so a criminal case has been opened in which investigations are being conducted into what happened, most likely it will be classified under 349-350 of the Criminal Code,” said the representative of the Military Prosecutor’s Office.

He explained that the article refers to failure to take and non-compliance with occupational safety measures.

“It’s just an estimate, I couldn’t clearly tell you at this point, because I’m not the one conducting the investigation. It is the task of my fellow prosecutors who are actually conducting the investigation. But we will do our duty to ensure that we comply with all legal rules, including the treaty of the US military statute on national territory,” Bobin said.


Overfly part for next week’s military ceremonies, cancelled by order of DefMin


The overfly for the events which will take place next week – Aviation Day and the ceremony dedicated to ending the mission of the Romanian military in Afghanistan, was canceled by order of the Minister of Defence.

“The overfly part for the events of both actions which are about to take place, both the National Aviation Day on July 20, as well as the ceremony at the Triumphal Arc on July 21, which is generated by ending the mission in Afghanistan, were canceled by order of the Minister of National Defence, so the ceremonies will be held without the flight of the aircraft,” the spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defence (MApN), Constantin Spanu, said.

Spanu’s statement was confirmed by a press release of the Ministry of National Defence (MApN) informing that festivities organized on Air Force Day will take place without military aircraft flyovers, with only C-130 Hercules and C 27J Spartan transport aircraft to fly above the Triumphal Arch, on the occasion of the end of the mission of the Romanian Army in Afghanistan.

The same source informs that the transport aircraft that will fly over the Triumphal Arch will be the ones that performed missions in Afghanistan.

According to the Ministry of National Defence, following the incident in Bucharest, where a US Army helicopter, UH-60 Black Hawk, made a forced landing in the Aviatorilor area, there were canceled the training flights over the Capital planned for the participation of Romanian and American military aircraft in the festivities organized on July 20, at the Air Heroes Monument, on the occasion of the Air Force Day, respectively on July 21, at the Triumphal Arch, on the occasion of the ending of the Romanian Army’s mission in Afghanistan.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: Agerpres

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