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February 9, 2023

PNL’s internal election campaign. Major tensions between Ludovic Orban and Florin Citu

Orban: : Government needs to listen to PNL’s statutory forums* Citu: Attack on Gov’t members from PNL resembles what PSD is doing, such politicians have no future

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Ludovic Orban, declared on Friday, in northwestern Satu Mare, that the Government is the “emanation of PNL” and “needs to listen to the statutory forums” of the party, mentioning at the same time that the one who will be elected as the chairman of the liberals at the Congress of September 25 must also become Prime Minister.

“The Government is the emanation of the PNL, and not the other way round, respectively it is not the PNL that is the emanation of the Government. The Government needs to listen to the statutory forums of PNL. It is not the Government which should give out provisions to PNL and to the statutory forums of PNL, that is the logic. A younger colleague once said something – that the chairman of PNL needs to be Prime Minister. He said it very well. Others said that the PM should become the party chairman; I say that the one who is elected as party chairman should be the PNL Prime Minister,” Orban said, at the county election conference within the PNL Satu Mare branch.

Ludovic Orban considers that good governance is the only objective which PNL needs to take responsibility for and criticized the way in which the Executive, led by Florin Citu, is carrying out support programs for the business environment, prepares access to European funds from the new financial exercise and receives approval for the Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

Both candidates for the position of chairman of PNL, Ludovic Orban and Florin Citu took part in the election conference of the PNL Satu Mare county organization.


Citu: Attack on Gov’t members from PNL resembles what PSD is doing, such politicians have no future


Prime Minister Florin Citu stated that the attacks on him and on the Government from his party colleagues in the National Liberal Party (PNL)’s internal election campaign “are very similar to what PSD [the Social Democratic Party] is doing” and show that “such politicians, perhaps, no longer have a future in Romania”.

“I am criticized that our mayors come and visit me at the Government. What is the problem? Yes, very well, let them come, I also invited PSD mayors. I repeat, I want to develop Romania. People come to the Government, they see what the projects are, the sources of funding and together we develop these programs We have nothing to hide, we do this for Romanians and we do it transparently. The Liberal mayors, unfortunately, and that is why they are in greater numbers than those from PSD who come to the Government, have been forgotten, they have been left behind, the administrations led by Liberal mayors have been left to fend for themselves in recent years, they have not received any funding. That is why there are a lot of problems there, that is why people look for solutions and together we find these solutions, because we find them for the people,” said Florin Citu, on Friday, at the internal elections conference within the PNL Satu Mare organization.

The prime minister said that this PNL internal election campaign is about competition, that it is transparent, and the Liberals, but also all Romanians, can thus see how two teams behave.

“Unfortunately, they can also see the more unpleasant things. Things that should not happen in the PNL, because we are not PSD. When you attack members of the Government, the prime minister, that resembles a lot what PSD is doing. When, a few months ago you say that a decision of the prime minister is good, that it is in the spirit of the Constitution, and in a few months you say that it is no longer good, because it must be evaluated, it shows that such politicians may not have, perhaps, a future in Romania. We have to be transparent, we have to be honest with the Romanians and promise them what we can do, this is the Liberal government,” said Citu, according to Agerpres.

The Prime Minister pointed out that there are many things to be done in relation to government and that they will be done, but only together.

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