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March 30, 2023

Day of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force: Military ceremony in Bucharest at Air Heroes Monument to honor the aviation heroes and their dedication to defend the sky

Defence Minister Nicolae Ciuca and Chief of Defence Daniel Petrescu, have attended on Tuesday July 20, the Day of Romanian Aviation and Air Force a military ceremony at the Air Heroes Monument in Aviatorilor Square, Bucharest, organised to mark the day.

Also attending the event were Senate Chair Anca Dragu, Interior Minister Lucian Bode, Bucharest Prefect Alin Stoica, soldiers, war veterans.

An air parade was  cancelled this year following last week’s incident when an American helicopter training for such an event had to resort to precautionary landing in Charles de Gaulle Square.

During the ceremony, wreaths were laid in memory of the aviator heroes, and the 74th PATRIOT Regiment was  handed a battle flag.

The ceremony paid homage to the memory of the heroes who, over time, on the battlefields or in missions performed in war zones or on national soil, served with devotion the wings of the homeland and joined the squadron from the skies.

The Day of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force is celebrated every year on July 20, when Holy Prophet Elijah the Tishbite, the patron saint of Romanian pilots, is also celebrated.

On June 17, 111 years ago, Aurel Vlaicu made the first complete flight in Romania with an airplane of his own design.

The 74th PATRIOT Regiment, a tactical combat unit established on December 1, 2018, is tasked with commissioning a PATRIOT surface-to-air missile system that allows the Romanian armed forces to increase defensive and deterrent capacity, ensuring better defence of the national airspace, which is part of NATO airspace.

The battle flag of the military unit is a symbol of military honour, bravery and glory; it is made at special workshops and consists of an ensign, a flagpole, an eagle and accessories, Agerpres informs.


President Iohannis: Aviators have turned flight and defence of Romania’s air space into a real passion


On Tuesday, July 20, the Day of Romanian Aviation and Air Force, President Klaus Iohannis sent a message in which he shows that this holiday also honours the memory of all the heroes who, throughout history, put their lives at the service of the ‘Romanian Wings’, with dedication, courage and self-sacrifice.

“We also celebrate the aircraft manufacturers, engineers and technicians, who, through an innovative spirit, patriotism, intelligence and passion, created and maintained the prestige of Romanian aeronautics. It is a day dedicated also to civil aviation workers, including those conducting difficult missions during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to utilitarian and sports aviators, who contribute to the development of Romania’s economy and to the progress of air sports,” said Iohannis.

According to the president, the Romanian Air Force is currently a modern category of the country’s armed forces which components are in a process of consolidating operational capacity as a result of an increase in recent years of defence spending to 2% of GDP, as well as the introduction of new types of state-of-the-art aircraft and high-performance weapon systems.

“The Air Force has a major role in strengthening the defence of our country, being able to carry out complex missions to defend the airspace of Romania, to carry out long-distance air transport missions, as well as rescue-evacuation missions and for the removal of the effects of natural disasters, in support of civilian authorities, at the national or local level. This army branch also carries out missions within NATO, according to the missions and obligations undertaken by Romania, and the staff of the Air Force are very good ambassadors of Romania, commended by our allies and partners,” the head of state highlighted.

Iohannis voiced his appreciation and respect for the professional performance of aviators and members of the Air Force, for their spirit of sacrifice, patriotism and desire for self-improvement.

“You are the ones who, with dedication, have turned the flight and defence of Romania’s airspace into a real passion. That takes continuous preparation, training and dedication. I wish you good health, success and I assure you of my full appreciation! Happy Aviation Day!,” Iohannis also said.


PM Citu: Aviators,  all civil and military aviation personnel are the best professionals and true models of courage and responsibility


Aviators and all civil and military aviation personnel are “the best” professionals and true models of “courage” and “responsibility,” Prime Minister Florin Citu underscored in a message sent on Tuesday, on the Day of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force.

“Today, on the Day of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force, I congratulate the aviators and all the personnel in the field of civil and military aviation in Romania, people who prove to us through everything they do that they are the best professionals, dedicated to their activity and true models of courage and responsibility. Whether we are talking about civil aviation, military aviation, commercial aviation, transport or sports aviation, flight safety, the chance of those in difficult situations to be transported quickly where they can be treated or are safe, the transport of aid or medicines in certain emergencies are high-responsibility missions and require very high standards of training for those involved in such missions. All the admiration for the work of these people! I wish them success in their future missions and “Clear skies!,” shows the message of the Prime Minister, posted on Facebook.


Speaker Orban: Let us celebrate deservedly the big names of our aviation


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban sent a message on Tuesday, July 20, the Day of the Romanian Aviation and Air Force, in which he underlined that Romania was at the forefront of world aviation thanks to Aurel Vlaicu, Traian Vuia, Henri Coanda, and Smaranda Braescu.

“I am sending my best wishes to the Romanian Aviation and Air Force! Romanians are at the forefront of world aviation, with forerunners such as Aurel Vlaicu, Traian Vuia, Henri Coanda, and Smaranda Braescu, with the heroic deeds of the two world wars and our aviators who do their duty impeccably with NATO allies. Let us remember and celebrate deservedly today the great names of our aviation, men and women who were role models of courage and humanity for generations. From those who flew historical IAR CV 11, up to the powerful F-16, MIG Lancer, Hercules or IAR Puma, the Romanian pilots have been defending our skies for over a hundred years. On their July 20 anniversary, may their wings bring them high and their landing be smooth, with the blessing of St. Elijah, the patron saint of aviators. Happy Aviation Day!,” Orban wrote on Facebook.

Photo: www.basilica.ro

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