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October 3, 2022

Optical Investment Group becomes the biggest player on the medical optics market in Romania by merger of 4 important companies in the field

Optical Investment Group becomes the biggest player on the medical optics market in Romania through the merger by absorption of Optical Network SRL, Optiplaza SRL, Mann Optic and Optic Planet.

Following this merger, Optical Investment Group has the largest medical optics network in Romania, with a market share of approximately 10% and 102 stores in 29 localities in the country: 77 OPTIblu stores, 23 Optiplaza stores and 2 niche stores on the premium market segment, under the name O51, in Bucharest. All 102 stores, both on the street and in shopping malls, include cabinets equipped with ultra-modern equipment for diopters measurements and contact lenses adaptations. The company also operates in the e-commerce sector, owning 2 online stores optiblu.ro and optiplaza.ro. The consolidated turnover of all the companies that are now incorporated into OIG was over 105 million lei in 2020.

“In 2021, we will continue to strengthen the existing retail network of medical optics, pursuing a business growth of  30%. We will constantly invest in our evolution and that of our employees, as before, carefully following also the opportunities to purchase other stores. In the almost 17 years of activity, we have constantly innovated and we brought, for the first time, countless brands of products on the Romanian market. In a year in which the challenges were great from a financial point of view, we chose to rely on unity, on the value of “Together”. The teams of optometrists, opticians and sales advisors, with a high degree of professionalism, have joined hands and will now work under the same roof to identify and respond to the needs of all our clients”, said Raluca Cîmpianu, CEO of Optical Investment Group.

The merger transforms Optical Investment Group into a competitive, flexible, well-positioned organization for accelerated and financially solid growth, with a great capacity to meet the challenges brought by the pandemic and those on the Romanian medical optics market. All Optical Network and Optiplaza employees became employees of Optical Investment Group, the company having two offices in Bucharest and Brasov.

Until August 2020, the Optical Investment Group network owned 5 store chains – OPTIblu, Klarmann, O51 (Optical Network) and Optiplaza and Optica Express (Optiplaza). At the end of September 2020, the rebranding process of the stores was completed, leaving 3 store chains: Optiblu, Optiplaza and O51.

At the moment, Optical Investment Group has 700 employees, a strong team of managers and over 150,000 active loyal customers, a number that is constantly increasing due to the quality services, modern equipment within medical offices and specialists in medical optics.




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