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August 18, 2022

PSD requests investigation regarding PM using Government resources for his political battle within PNL. Ciolacu: Romania looks like an ungoverned country

PSD (Social Democratic Party) is requesting the competent authorities to urgently launch a penal investigation, after information appeared in the media, according to which, the Prime Minister Florin Citu is using human and budgetary resources from the PM Chancellery for the election campaign for the leadership of PNL (National Liberal Party).

“The documents which surfaced in the media regarding the communication scores for the internal campaign of PM Citu, which were drawn out by the PM’s Chancellery with the title “Florin Citu, candidate for PNL chairmanship” show that PM Citu established his official campaign headquarters in his Government office and is using the resources and budgetary staff inappropriately in his political battle within the party,” the social-democrats show, in a press release to Agerpres on Monday.

According to PSD “this fact is circumscribed to the infraction of corruption, committed at the highest level of the Romanian state, more specific in violation with art. 13 of Law 78/2000 regarding the prevention, discovery and sanctioning of corruption deeds”.

“According to this article, using influence or authority in a leadership position within a legal non-profit entity, with the purpose of obtaining inappropriate goods, for himself or another, is punishable by imprisonment from 1 to 5 years, and the attempt is sanctioned in accordance with the law”, the social-democrats add.


Ciolacu: Romania looks like an ungoverned country


Romania looks like an ungoverned country, and Prime Minister Florin Citu stays on stage longer and campaigns for the National Liberal Party (PNL) elections, national leader of the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) Marcel Ciolacu said on Monday.

“The prime minister, at the moment, is more often on stage across the country, electioneering for himself. The impression from the outside, apart from the fact that they have nothing to do with the Romanians’ agenda, is that we look like an ungoverned country. We are only taking out loans ( …), and for the rest there is only talk of the internal elections and the battle between Citu and Orban – what counties has won one, what counties the other,” Ciolacu told Romania TV private broadcaster on Monday.

He added that the fund available to the prime minister was for aid, not for the electioneering, “as Orban did last year.”

“How can you look at a prime minister who doesn’t really look at what his duties are, at what’s in his job description? PSD has also gone to the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) to support certain leaders in the party’s history. DNA may this time end up with all PSD leaders before it, demanding that the law be respected and urging it to start taking action against all the thefts that took place during the pandemic, from the state of emergency to the current moment with all the stupidities passed by the government without anyone taking any action. (…) It is widespread robbery. It is normal to reach such a public debt. Nobody is saying what has happened with the money,” said the PSD leader.

According to him, “there is talk of the fourth wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic, “which finds Romania totally unprepared.”

“The National Bank of Romania (BNR) came out today and said that there will be inflation in excess of 4%, higher than estimated. Energy has become more expensive, fuel has become more expensive, everything has become more expensive and Citu comes out and says:’ Wow, we live fabulously’ We are living in parallel worlds. Perhaps on their stages, at PNL, one sees the world differently,” Ciolacu said.

In the opinion of the PSD leader, “the biggest culprit for everything that happens is Klaus Iohannis,” because there is “total confusion in what is called the governing act.”

“The President of Romania had to step in all these things, instead of having their back on vaccination, pandemic management, thefts under the state of emergency, on all the incompetence. He should not have praised Ghinea, because he did not he brought the PNRR [National Recovery and Resilience Plan], he had to say: ‘Mr. Prime Minister, I am asking you to replace Ghinea. (…) Pampering doesn’t work anymore. Romania has an absorption rate [of European funds] for the first six months (…) of 4.5% “. (…) For them, there is no notion of the Government of Romania, it is the Government of the coalition, now it is the Government of Citu,” added Ciolacu.

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