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Beyond the Future, the first TEDxInovatorilorStreet event encourages the Romanians to innovate

13 personalities from the field of technological innovation will share their ideas with the enthusiasts or curious people on September 16th, 2021, at MATER Library from NOD Makerspace (Splaiul Unirii, no. 160), at Beyond the Future, the first hybrid event of TEDxInovatiorilorStreet, organized by Inventikus, the cluster dedicated to support and promote the Romanian inventions. Three special guests will be also joining them, people that laid the ground for new fields and perspectives of knowledge in Romania. 

The stories of the TEDxInovatorilorStreet guests, about their adventurous journey from idea to innovation, about inventions that can make the world a better place, but also about the challenges of the future, give hope that Romania might be able to support their inventors for their projects to contribute at increasing the life quality.

„At the first event of TEDxInovatorilorStreet, we gather opinion leaders from various fields, like medicine, education, psychology, and IT, to prove that technology can be used in any area of expertise, by people with various passions. We bring together the visionaries, those people that have brilliant ideas that they transform in reality, in inventions and innovations that can generate a strong impact on the social level”, states Ioana Borșan 9photo), project manager of TEDxInovatorilorStreet


 Personalities that chose to change Romania for better


Thus reunited by their common passion to accomplish something that would make a real difference in society, the personalities that will inspire the audience at TEDxInovatorilorStreet are Andrei Botescu– founder of Pegas Workshops, the Romanian bicycle brand, Olivia Vereha– the founder of Code4Romania, a community of people that develop IT solutions for the problems of society, Ștefan Bușnatu– doctor and director of Center for Innovation and eHealth from „Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Raluca Balaci– the Executive Director of UiPath Foundation, the organisation created by the first Romanian unicorn, that supports the access to education for the children that come from disadvantaged environments, Alexandru Budișteanu– the creator of VisionBot, a robot that helps the inventors, the students or the young entrepreneurs to produce electronic equipment at home, and Andrei Cioroagă– co-founder of RecoMedica, a medical platform that functions as a tool for prevention and medical triage.

The list of speakers goes on, and it also includes Adela Serghiescu– president of the Association for Emotional Support and Psychotherapy, Dragoș Bordescu– the inventor of MindLoop, Cătălina Moleavin– president of Transilvania Toastmasters, Romulus Oprică– founder of BrandBerry, Vlad Măcelaru-the inventor of ClarK, Sorin Axinte– the inventor of Hyperpragma, and Cătălin Toncea– the Business Development Manager of Inventikus.

The challenges that arise when you are a pathbreaker will be exposed also by the special guests, Dumitru Prunariu– the first Romanian cosmonaut, Mitrița Hahue– the General Director of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM) and Marius-Ioan Piso– the president of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA).

„Our goal is to contribute to the formation of a new generation of inventors, given the fact that Romania is a market with huge technological development potential. We want to offer stability to our inventors who, we know it too well, often feel compelled to leave abroad, in order to search for that much-needed support to put their ideas into practice. With this event, Inventikus aims to lay the foundation of a community in which inventors and enthusiasts of the evolution of technological innovation from Romania to be able to collaborate, and thus the brain drain to be stopped”, says Cătălin Buciumeanu, co-founder of Inventikus.


 An exhibition dedicated to the latest innovations


At TEDxInovatorilorStreet, the participants will go deeper into the mysteries of the most recent technological innovations of the Romanian inventors through an exhibition that will take place in NOD Makerspace’s reception, where partners of the event and some of the speakers will have stalls where their inventions and innovations will be available for detailed analysis. For instance, the audience will be able to discover Hyperpragma- a module for self-assembly of different structures, Mindloop- a brain tractography scanning technology using only EEG scanning. The participants will also see a robot from the famous Minecraft game or an automated birdhouse, the inventions of EGG. Artbyte, the robotics team of the University of Transylvania’s students.

The conference will be held both online and offline, and the participants will be able to purchase tickets of 10 and 85 euros depending on the chosen package.



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