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August 18, 2022

Yellow.Menu cloud restaurant relies on virtual brands and aims to triple turnover in 2021, to 1.5 million euros

Yellow.Menu – cloud restaurant with delivery in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca – has exceeded the 300 orders / day milestone and launches a series of virtual brands, dishes and set menus created by Yellow chefs and intended for delivery on partner platforms.

The new management of Yellow.Menu aims to create at least 4 such virtual brands by the end of the year, generating 35-40% of the total business. In the first half of this year, Yellow.Menu recorded a turnover of almost 600 thousand euros, 52% higher than the same period last year.


Yellow: All day, everyday Fine Dining in Bucharest and Cluj


Designed as an online restaurant with a dynamic menu that changes daily, Yellow.Menu is the solution for those who want to maintain a balanced lifestyle, with a healthy diet, having the possibility to order gourmet menus for breakfast, lunch or dinner, at home or at the office, with delivery through its own network of couriers anywhere in Bucharest and Cluj.

With the change in the consumption behavior of Romanians against the pandemic, Yellow.Menu offered alternatives for classic meals at the restaurant, coming daily with a new menu proposal, in limited portions, bringing closer the experience of going out. Thus, the daily dishes have a fusion, sophisticated approach, always including vegetarian variants, just as tasty.

In the first half of this year, Yellow.Menu turnover exceeded 550,000 euros, over 50% higher than last year, when the first half was marked by strong restrictions and the transition from the main business segment, lunch at the office, to new products and menus adapted to the new reality and home orders.

Thus, focused since launching on the delivery of lunch at the office, then extending to the menu for the whole day, the online restaurant Yellow.Menu reached in 2021 300 daily orders, and the average value of the order increased by 15% compared to similar period from 2020, up to 95 lei.


Strategy change, with a new CEO


Transforming the business model to support national scalability and secondary development lines are proposed and supported by Adrian Ciucur, the new CEO of Yellow.Menu, with over 15 years of experience in strategic management, omnichannel development and new vertical expansion of business.

The increasing popularity of virtual restaurants such as Yellow Menu is a challenge for the HoReCa segment as we know it, but I think it reflects the direction of the market. We have a consumer increasingly attentive to what he consumes, with a concern for the quality and diversity of his diet, a customer who organizes his time and resources efficiently, optimizing his lifestyle and already accustomed to restaurant-level products, served in the privacy of his own home or office, said Adrian Ciucur, CEO of Yellow.Menu.

With this the new directions of development, on new verticals, but also horizontally by expanding in other cities at national level, the new management of Yellow.Menu aims to increase the daily number of orders by at least 40% compared to the end of the year currently, with an estimated impact of a 20% increase in turnover in 2021 compared to the previous year, up to 1.5 million euros.

The engines of growth for this year are the transition from lunch menu to full day menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and brunch on Saturdays), the geographical expansion in Bucharest and Cluj and surrounding areas, as well as the increase in the average value of order, through additional sales of groceries, ready-to-drink cocktails and fresh bread.


Development with new verticals through virtual brands


Also, starting the second part of this year, Yellow.Menu is developing a new direction, of virtual brands, a first step towards national expansion. The first two product lines have already been launched – Yellow Lebanese and Fresh by Yellow – followed by a third, Premium Brunch, with special weekend dishes.

Virtual brands allow you to manage more than one product line in the same kitchen, as well as geographic expansion with a positive impact on revenue and audience, but without additional costs in terms of staff or equipment. This line of development allows us to test new fine dining concepts, created with the help of our team of chefs, without exposing ourselves to the risks of a classic restaurant. Also, this strategy will balance the dynamics between Yellow Menu orders and fixed preparations, said Adrian Ciucur, CEO of Yellow.Menu.

From the very beginning, Yellow Menu aimed to be a restaurant where the emphasis is on premium ingredients, sophisticated recipes, freshly cooked, but also on reducing food waste, an objective achieved by balancing the use of ingredients according to the orders made by the classic system.

Yellow.Menu also continues to expand on the grocery area, where it offers local, artisanal dishes, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Here the portfolio contains 40 products, and by the end of the year it will double, covering product segments according to customer requests.


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