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January 29, 2022

PSD urges PM Citu to take a step back and to delegate his duties until PNL leadership vote

The opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) is urging Prime Minister Florin Citu to “take a step back” and to delegate his duties during Citu’s electioneering for the National Liberal Party (PNL) leadership.

“Delegating the duties of the prime minister to another member of the government, usually to a deputy prime minister, is a common procedure used in the past by other Romanian prime ministers. We do not believe that President Iohannis would oppose such a decision aimed at protecting governing,” PSD argues in a press statement released to Agerpres on Monday.

According to PSD, that way the government will be kept away from the “huge scandal” generated by the power struggle inside PNL.

“The ‘Citugate’ scandal, in which the prime minister used the government’s resources for his party electioneering, as well as the PNL mayors’ pilgrimage to the Government House to exchange public funds in exchange for the party leadership vote, is solid evidence that Prime Minister Citu is no longer able to exercise power objectively, thus seriously damaging the interests of local communities excluded from the list of budget revision. We are also urging President Iohannis to interrupt his long break to persuade the prime minister to accept this measure, which is protective measure for the Romanian government against the toxic interferences produced by the political scandal inside PNL,” according to PSD.

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