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December 4, 2022

2Performant completes the first stage of the capital increase operation and attracts over 4.2 million lei

  • In this first stage, 80.38% of the total shares offered have been subscribed
  • The company is preparing for the private placement, which will take place between August 5 and 18, with the possibility of early closure
  • The price of a 2P share in the private placement has been set at 30.4910 lei
  • At the end of the capital increase operation, the company is seeking financing of 5 million lei for future investments ensuring growth on the local market and expansion on foreign markets


The technology company 2Performant, the leader of the affiliate marketing market in Romania, listed on BSE’s AeRO market (stock symbol 2P), announces that it has completed the first stage of its capital increase operation. At the end of this stage, 80.38% of the total offer have been subscribed and funds worth over 4.2 million lei have been attracted. The shares were subscribed based on the 2PR01 preference rights at the subscription price of 28.2764 lei per share. The company is now preparing for the second stage of the capital increase, namely the private placement, which will take place between August 5 and 18, with the possibility of early closure.

The 2Performant Board of Directors has decided that the price of a 2P share in the private placement should be 30.4910 lei, higher than that of the public offer, a price calculated according to the following formula: the subscription price (28.2764 lei, as dictated by exercising the preference right) + the weighted average price of the 2PR01 rights  (0.38956717 lei) x the number of rights necessary to subscribe for a share in the public offer (5.68424).

SSIF Goldring is the intermediary of the public offer as well as of the private placement associated with the share capital increase operation.

„2Performant has had an active first half-year on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, during which time we developed the company’s corporate governance and the relationship with the investors and shareholders, and now we are completing the first stage of the capital increase operation. I am glad that investors have shown interest in our company, that they share our vision, and are with us in this important moment when the capital raised on the stock exchange helps us accelerate growth. Our plans do not stop here, we have many opportunities to further develop the business and we will continue to be a dynamic issuer on the capital market”, said Dorin Boerescu, 2Performant CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The first BSE-listed tech company that’s 100% focused on the development of its proprietary product, 2Performant aims to attract a 5 million lei investment through the capital increase by issuing 185,500 new shares during the operation. The capital obtained from the increase will be invested in the development projects that 2Performant has planned for, namely the consolidation and growth on the Romanian and Bulgarian markets, the expansion in foreign markets, as well as the development of a new way of attributing conversions from the 2Performant.com platform.

After the completion of the capital increase against cash contribution, the company will be granting free shares to investors, at a 4 to 1 ratio, so that investors who participate in the increase will receive free shares too.

2Performant is a fast-developing growth technology company. Last year, the 2Performant.com platform has brokered over 1 million sales worth over 50 million euros for the platform’s nearly 800 online stores. The company’s turnover has increased by 31% in 2020, reaching 20.28 million lei. For 2021, the company estimates a 26% turnover increase, to reach over 25.5 million lei. To accelerate the company’s growth, 2Performant has announced in April this year the forming of two Business Units: 2Performant Romania and Bulgaria, led by Raluca Negrea as Country Manager, and 2Performant Growth Unit, led by Constantin Stanciu, the company’s Growth Manager.


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