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October 4, 2022

Declic Community files criminal complaint at DNA against PM Citu: It is sad that prosecutors have not addressed this case and it was necessary for the citizens to do so

The representatives of Declic Community submitted, on Friday, to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), a criminal complaint against Prime Minister Florin Citu and the former state councilor Mioara Costin, regarding the surfacing of a “document” with the Government’s header, which refers to the PM strategy for the PNL’s (National Liberal Party) internal elections.

“We came here to submit a denouncement for the crime of abuse of office, regarding the fact that madam state councilor Mioara Costin broke her work attributions which fall under Article 436 of the Administrative Code (…). Starting with 2019, we have this express interdiction in the Administrative Code, which states in black and white that a public clerk, while exercising his/her work attributes, cannot be involved in the political battle. He/she can do it on his/her own time, but not through acts of work (…) We have a document, which until this time, nobody has taken responsibility for. Because nobody addressed this, the members of the Declic Community took responsibility for this action. It will be established how the document originates from the Government, just as it seems to be so far, and how was madam councilor hired, based on criteria which are in regards to exercising the position of state councilor,” an attorney who represents the Declic Community said, according to Agerpres.

The attorney specified that the criminal accusation also includes Florin Citu, for instigating to abuse of office, because he is the only one who took advantage of that document.

A representative of the Declic Community declared that it is sad that prosecutors have not addressed this case and it was necessary for the citizens to do so.

Mioara Costin was released from her position last week, upon request, from the position of state councilor within the Chancellery of the PM. Her leaving comes after a “document” surfaced in the media with the Government’s header, where the signature of Mioara Costin appears, and which would refer to the Prime Minister’s strategy for the PNL’s internal elections.

Asked about this topic, during a press conference, PM Florin Citu explained: “I, from my position of PM, can only comment on official documents. (…) Never has such a document been registered or presented to me at any point.


Photo: www.declic.ro

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