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December 5, 2022

President Iohannis: Coalition works, but not perfectly; there are still things to be improved

President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday he was unhappy that some reforms had not been carried out by the ruling coalition, saying it was working, but not perfectly.

“Let’s remember how this coalition came about and how those who are now together have positioned themselves towards each other. We had, not long ago, at the end of last year, an election campaign, and they almost dueled in public. You must realize that such a coalition takes time to bear fruit, mechanisms need time to work very well, and given where we started, I can say that yes, the coalition works, but it doesn’t work perfectly. Well, the SIIJ [Section for Prosecuting Magistrates – editor’s note] has not been disbanded yet, even though everyone has boasted that they will do it, but the Minister of Justice has not yet found the right path, the laws of justice – there is no project accepted in the coalition and I am dissatisfied with these things. And there are other and other reforms that have been promised and for the time being we hear that they are meeting and discussing. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am convinced that this formula can work,” Iohannis said.


PNL is struggling with the internal campaign, governance does not suffer


PNL (National Liberal Party) is facing an internal fight for votes right now and statements of some of its leaders are part of a “sharp campaign struggle,” but the governance act does not suffer, said President Klaus Iohannis on Wednesday.

“The fight is an internal struggle for votes in PNL and a political competition always makes all those involved look for sensational explanations. There is nothing more to it,” said state of state, who is currently paying a visit to the Comana Natural Park.

Asked what he thought about the accusations the PNL leaders throw at each other, Iohannis said they are only related to “the political campaign that sometimes becomes more strident.”

“But, in essence, an electoral campaign is carried out – with accusations against competitors, with various accusations thrown at other team. We should take these things easily. The governance act did not suffer because of the PNL campaign. Things go well in the country, the economy increases, the pandemic is under control, natural areas are protected, ” said the President.


The National Recovery and Resilience Plan is not perfect, but it is reasonable and will be  approved


Romania’s National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is not perfect, but it is reasonable and it will be approved, and everything that remains in the plan will have to be done, President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday on a visit to Comana, Giurgiu County.

Asked to comment on an article published by “Die Welt”, taken over by the national media according to which the European Commission will reject the national recovery plan, Iohannis said that it will be approved.

“The article seemed a bit unilateral to me, not to say more, because it is not our publication and there is no point in saying other things. There is so-called information from sources that leak. Nothing is leaking, there are some who want to be relevant and pass on sensational information. Yes, we knew from the beginning that our PNRR is not perfect; that is why, if you remember, I said a few months ago that it is very good that it had been submitted, that the commission’s questions are being discussed, solutions are being sought, certain parts of the plan are being changed,” the president explained.

He added that those projects that, from the European Commission’s point of view, are not eligible will be removed from PNRR and stressed that it will no longer tolerate projects not carried out for bureaucratic reasons.

“And, yes, if there are projects that, from the Commission’s point of view, are not eligible, they are removed from the plan, and that’s that, it is not very complicated. Not everything that is there in our PNRR will be achieved, but what remains – and that is my claim and I have said it very, very frankly to the ministers – what remains in the plan and remains eligible and fundable must be put into practice. I cannot accept that we have a plan that is generically approved, the money is available but we do not carry out the projects for bureaucratic reasons (…). So we will have PNRR; it will be funded, probably some projects will be taken out, but only then will the hard work begin; because these projects must be implemented, they must be completed in a very short time. We have very little time to complete these projects,” said Iohannis.


We cannot defeat the COVID-19 pandemic by discrimination, but by vaccination


President Klaus Iohannis said on Wednesday that the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be defeated by “discrimination,” by restrictive measures, but by vaccination, by raising public awareness, because immunisation inhibits the development of the disease.

“I think it’s very important to work on awareness. We can’t force people to do certain things that they don’t want to do because they don’t understand them. (…) We need to deepen and improve the vaccination campaign, because the pandemic is not over. That’s why every time I tell Romanians to get vaccinated – it is very important to prevent a new wave, to prevent the spread of this virus,” said Iohannis after a visit to the Comana Natural Park.

In his opinion, resorting to unexplained prohibitions at this stage would not go very far.

“And even if it were possible to introduce certain restrictions for unvaccinated people in non-essential places, that does not solve the problem, it only solves specific problems. The problem is solved by vaccination. (…) I cannot accept measures that lead to discrimination. We cannot overcome the pandemic through discrimination, but we can overcome the pandemic through vaccination,” said Iohannis.


Compiled from Agerpres

Photo: www.presidency.ro

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