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December 4, 2022

PM Citu: State of alert extended by 30 days

The government approved, on Thursday, the prolongation of the state of alert on the entire territory of Romania by 30 days, Prime Minister Florin Citu announced.

“I approved the extension of the state of alert and nothing is modified at this time, things remain as they have been presented up to now,” said Citu in a press conference at the Victoria Government Palace.


Government approves donation of COVID-19 vaccines to Tunisia, Arab Republic of Egypt, Albania and Vietnam


The Executive also approved, in its sitting on Thursday, a decision to donate COVID-19 vaccine doses to several countries: Tunisia, Arab Republic of Egypt, Albania and Vietnam, Prime Minister Florin Citu announced.

“We approved also a government decision today to donate vaccines to several countries: Tunisia, Arab Republic of Egypt, Albania and Vietnam,” said Citu at the Victoria Government Palace.


Justice Minister must push through bills in domain


Prime Minister Florin Citu stated, on Tuesday, he is “almost fully” in agreement with President Klaus Iohannis in what regards Justice Minister Stelian Ion, showing that the latter should push through the bills aimed at the abolition of the Section for the Investigation of Judicial Crimes (SIIJ) and the amendment of the Justice laws.

“I agree with Mr. President almost fully. The idea is that we have expectations from ministers. We have objectives and we have expectations from ministers. I said it every time in the coalition too ‘let’s sit at the table and discuss, find the solution, find the best solution.’ Our objectives remain the same: the abolition of SIIJ, the amendment of the Justice laws. We must admit courageously sometimes that maybe we did not find the best solution, but ultimately we must go search this solution and of course it is the role of the Justice Minister to come and to push through these bills. He will still have my support and when they find a solution I will go with that solution, but only through dialogue can this be done (…) Without dialogue, each speaking through the press to the other one, we will never be able to find those solution, but the Justice Minister has an important role in this mechanism,” said Citu, after the Government sitting.

Asked if he is taking into account a dismissal of the Justice Minister, the Prime Minister said “You know well that I don’t discuss this publicly.”

On Wednesday, President Klaus Iohannis voiced his discontent with some reforms not being completed by the governing coalition, showing it is functioning, but not perfectly.


Ministries that have not spent money need to come up with very good explanations


Prime Minister Florin Citu requested the ministers, on Thursday, to present the budget execution and highlighted that where money has not been spent, there needs to be “very good explanations” presented, because allocated resources cannot be held “for nothing”.

“I saw talks in the public space regarding the budget rectification and I would like to clarify some matters. Just as I said and the way it is presented in the law of the approved budget, ministries that do not have a good execution, their initial budget sums can be adjusted up until this sum that they could not spend. Yesterday, I publicly presented, that at this time, after 6 months, there are almost 20 billion (RON) in budgetary credits that have not been spent, many of which in investments, some in European funds. That is why I said that I am not happy with the budget execution and this can be seen in nearly all ministries. At the same time, I cannot take seriously the proposals coming from ministries for supplementing or reallocating additional resources of 40 billion RON, when there are 20 billion RON unspent. From here we start with the budget rectification, from here the talks on budget rectification begin,” Citu explained, at Victoria Palace, after the Government sitting.

“We must take into account that the deficit must remain at 7.16% of the GDP or smaller (…) The ones that did not spend the money until now need to come with very good explanations, because we cannot just add money, allocate resources into the budget and keep them there for nothing. There are ministries, and I will present this in the semestrial report, where we have projects with zero execution, at ministries where, I kept hearing from sources, ministers say that they have a very good execution. You cannot say that you have a good execution when you have allocated money and you’ve got projects with zero execution after 6 months,” Florin Citu highlighted.

According to the PM, the Ministry of Transport will receive no money, quite the opposite, the gov’t will take money from this ministry.


I’ll make sure culprits for deadly Bucharest trench collapse accident are held accountable


Prime Minister Florin Citu offered condolences to the families of the two construction workers who died in a work accident occurred on August 2 at a building site near the National Library in Bucharest and stressed that he will make sure that the culprits will pay.

Asked at a press conference what he thinks of the way the ministries of relevance in this case communicate, Florin Citu replied: “First of all, let me send my condolences to the bereaved families. There is an investigation underway, let us wait for the results, and the culprits must pay. I will make sure that we have the results of the investigation as soon as possible and of course those who are guilty will be held accountable.”

Six workers of building contractor S.C. Algoritm Construct S3 SRL were trapped under loose earth after the wall of the over 2-metre deep trench they were working in collapsed; two men died and four sustained injuries.

According to Chief Inspector with the Bucharest Territorial Labor Inspectorate Constantin Bujor, the cause of the accident appears to be the improper shoring of the excavation. Bucharest Prefect Alin Stoica said on Wednesday that the building work was not authorized and had run afoul of the basic site organization and safety measures.


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Photo: www.gov.ro

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