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August 10, 2022

Interview with Ovidiu Tuduruta, founder of Beesers: We want to deliver specialized assistance in the homes of medical services consumers

Please, tell us more about Beesers.

Beesers is the first and the only technological platform in Romania that brings healthcare at home. The app connects the qualified medical provider with the patient and it is more like a market place for medical care at home. Beesers offers users the opportunity to select the specialist according to the price and evaluations of those who booked him in the past. Specifically, the user downloads the application on a mobile device, connects with Facebook/Google/AppleId, adds the address where the medical service is needed, selects the specialist by price and evaluations of those who booked him before and places the order. These six steps being followed, the user needs only to wait for the medical provider to visit him at home.

Through Beesers, we want to deliver specialized assistance in the homes of medical services consumers. In just six steps the patient can have a nurse or a doctor home in a manner that is: predictable – because the patient will be able to book the medical service on exact days and hours according to the treatment schedule, traceable – because he will be constantly informed about the person that performed the medical service, given the possibility of being in constant contact with the medical provider.

Given this situation it is essential that the medical act has a traceability from the moment of booking, it is also important to insist on the monitoring component, because most of our users are children who order for their parents or other people they want to take care of. The child or the owner may be in a different place, so it is important to be able to communicate remotely with the specialist who performs the visit and the medical act.


Why did you think such an application would be necessary?


First of all, I was struck by this need, because I have nor the patience or the time to go to the hospital and wait for certain treatments or investigation. Also, I can say that the experience lived in the family related to one of my parents who, at one point, went abroad to offer home healthcare inspired me to develop this application. I needed to make up for my mother’s efforts by developing a product like this in Romania, especially since there is an unexplored niche of medical and social care specialist at home.

Then, the uncertain context generated by the pandemic, limited mobility, the desire to minimize as much as possible the physical interaction with a large number of people, especially for those at high risk, lack of time and the growing need for patients who need medical services at home, determined and encouraged me to lay the foundations of this start-up.


What services does Beesers offer?


Beesers offers a wide range of medical services, which are constantly updated. Currently users can choose the following services: oral medication, infusions, monitoring of physiological parameters, medical recovery (physiotherapy, physiotherapy massage), injections, collection of tests of all kinds, collection of Covid tests, wound care, bedsores, mounting/ change of urinary catheters, professional ear washing, vaccine, psychological counseling services. We also offer the users the possibility to make a multiple reservation, which allows patients undergoing treatment to book the same medical service several times.

As a next step we intend to focus on listing a wider range of medical specialties, medical-social services such as pampering for immobilized people, escort services and much more. Infrastructure will be demobilized to be transported to the patient’s home. We are also starting to offer our consumers medical packages and subscriptions. It’s delightful that step by step we grow to enlist great doctors that help us build home monitoring packages such as cardio monitoring for a period of 6 months.


What are the steps that the patient must follow to bring the doctor home?


As mentioned above, patients need to know that the doctor can be brought home in just six steps. The users only have to download the free application from the App Store or Play Store, create an account or connect with another active account, then select the address, medical service, day and time and, on the last screen, he can choose the doctor or nurse. The moment the request is placed, our app reaches the medical professional who accepts it. Furthermore, there is a messaging functionality that allows the patient to communicate with the medical staff.


What benefits does Beesers offer to medical staff?


First of all, Beesers does not overlap the program of medical staff or clinics. The app offers extra income for medical providers, being designed so that they can check and uncheck their availability. If a clinic is listed in this platform, it has an application that monitors in real time the resource involved in the platform, right on the phone: the number of reservations received, the possibility to accept a reservation on behalf of the medical resource, the selection of the location. The provider, together with the clinic he belongs to, can select a geographical area where he can arrive in a reasonable period of time. If you are an individual provider, you can be listed in the app and have an extra income in your free time.


What benefits does Beesers offer to users of the platform?


Beesers benefits for patients are innumerable: the possibility of making appointments by people living in a different city or country, the opportunity to choose a medical provider based on his experience and previous ratings given by other beneficiaries.

Moreover, Beesers offers subscriptions with discounts for services ordered in the application, as well as mobility recovery packages, post traumatic recovery, postoperative, post stroke recovery, medical training and post Covid recovery package, all of them having blood tests included.

We are also going to offer medical subscription to big companies.  It is essential not to confuse the subscription with the classic medical chain, we come up with something complementary that helps the human resource in companies to gain time. For example, collecting blood tests at home means time that the company earns with the human resources available for work, and for the beneficiary it means half a day of vacation that he earns, plus the fact that he gets rid of queuing or epidemiological triage.

Recently, we have developed a digital affiliate marketing module through which anyone can earn money when another patient orders on his recommendation.

The platform is a safe and efficient community where users can access medical services in a familiar environment with the guarantee that they are safe, the medical staff being accredited by the Ministry of Health.


What are your development plans?


I want to improve the access to medical services. It is cheaper and easier to build technology that connects the patient, his medical needs with the medical specialist than to build hospital infrastructure in physical form. In addition, I want to make this platform friendly for people with disabilities, to run a campaign to provide access to a large number of people with disabilities and to technologically validate access to medical services for people with disabilities. At the same time, I want to focus especially on facilitating medical services in rural areas where access to health services is very difficult.




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