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August 17, 2022

Senate plenum summoned to tackle Government Ordinance on disconnection of gas & electricity debtors

The Standing Bureau of the Senate has summoned the plenum, on Tuesday, starting with 14:00, in an extraordinary session for an information regarding the adoption by the Government, on August 5, during the parliamentary holiday, of OUG (Government Emergency Ordinance) 84/2021, through which provisions are repealed regarding disconnection of gas and electricity debtors.

Through the OUG 84, article 72, paragraph 1, of OUG 70/2020 is canceled, namely the provision which established that during the state of emergency electricity and gas transport and distribution operators ensure the continuity of services, and in the event of an incident with a reason for disconnection, this operation will be delayed until the state of emergency will cease.

Thus, OUG 84/2021 aims to go back to the legislative provisions prior to the entry into force of OUG 70/2020, which allows – in regulated contractual conditions – the disconnection of clients with outstanding debts.

The Government’s piece of legislation also provides for a transition period of 90 days, during which final customers who benefited from the provisions of article 72, paragraph 1 of OUG 70 /2020, cannot be disconnected for outstanding debts related to the period of applicability of these provisions, having the possibility to identify, along with the service providers from the energy and gas sectors and based on their own situation, solutions for paying off outstanding debts, Agerpres reports.

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