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August 8, 2022

E-Distribuție Muntenia expands the grid in Jilava providing electricity access for 250 families from disadvantaged backgrounds

  • E-Distribuție Muntenia expanded its electrical grid by almost 2 kilometers, following an investment exceeding 1.7 million lei.
  • 250 families from disadvantaged backgrounds now have access to electricity, since they have been connected to the electricity grid, and also benefit from smart meters.


E-Distribuţie Muntenia, the electricity distribution operator part of the Enel group, has completed extension works on the electrical grid in Jilava, Ilfov county, an investment amounting to over 1.7 million lei. The extension of the grid by almost 2 kilometers includes the streets Prelungirea Merișor, Prelungirea Ungureni, and Prelungirea Primăverii.

Following these works, the homes of 250 families from disadvantaged background are connected to the electrical grid, each consumption place benefiting from a smart meter. Customers can thus better control their electricity consumption and, consequently, have the possibility to save electricity.

The investment entails the installation of five new medium voltage transformer posts in concrete envelope, and the installation of underground medium and low voltage electrical cables. All five substations are fitted with telecommunications equipment that ensures their inclusion in the remote-control system. Through it, the electricity distribution operator intervenes quickly and remotely if grid damages occur.

“E-Distribuție Muntenia supports all consumers, without exception, and puts their needs first, building a secure and sustainable future through a digitized, intelligent, and flexible electrical grid. Connecting the 250 families in Jilava to the electrical grid provides an important support to the educational and socio-economic future of the respective community, especially for the young people”, said Alin Crăciunescu, head of E-Distribuție Muntenia.

Of the total investment, 1.3 million lei are costs covered by the distribution operator, in addition to those borne by Jilava City Hall.

“The collaboration between Jilava City Hall and E-Distribuție Muntenia is an important help to the 250 families living in the area of Prelungirea Merișor, Prelungirea Ungureni, and Prelungirea Primăverii streets, in Jilava. I promised these people that I would get involved in helping them and I am glad that this project has been completed,” said Elefterie Ilie Petre, mayor of Jilava.

The amounts allocated this year by the E-Distributie companies for connections, including those imposed by the primary legislation, and strengthening the grid for new users reach about 164 million lei (34 million euros). Overall, the E-Distribuție companies in Romania will invest approximately 880 million lei in 2021, the equivalent of EUR 182 million, in modernizing, digitizing, and expanding the electrical grid in Bucharest and the ten counties in the country where they operate.

The electrical grids operated by the three E-Distribuție companies account for 131,000 kilometers, 286 transformer stations and 23,575 transformer substations. In 2020, they distributed over 15.3 TWh of electricity, through high, medium and low voltage power lines, a press release issued by the company informs.



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