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June 29, 2022

PM Citu asks prefects to start preparations for the cold season

Prime Minister Florin Citu asked prefects to start preparations for the cold season, that is to ensure stocks for snow removal, heating of buildings and to take measures to identify and protect vulnerable people.

“For the cold season (…) we have to make sure that we have the necessary stocks for snow removal, road cleaning and everything related to the heating of buildings. Let’s start looking now. And at the same time, because the cold season is coming and every time there were problems, to identify the vulnerable people and to prepare measures in time. Discussions with the companies that ensure the snow removal, because you know very well, there were other cases where there were contracts, but the respective companies were not prepared, they did not have the material bought and so on and we had to take care of that as well,” Citu told the videoconference with the prefects.

He called on government officials in the territory to be prepared for the most difficult situations and called for a “rapid response”.


Photo: www.gov.ro

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