PM Citu: Budget revision to be approved this week

Prime Minister Florin Citu announced, on Monday, that the budget revision will be approved in another government session this week.

“There will be another government sitting to approve the budget revision, this week,” said Citu, when asked, at the Parliament, when the budget revision will be approved.

Regarding signals from Brussels regarding the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience, the Prime Minister said: “Our objective is that the PNRR be approved by the end of September and we maintain this objective.”


PM to have talks with relevant authorities regarding energy prices


Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Monday that he will have meetings with representatives of ANRE (National Energy Regulation Authority), ANPC (National Authority for Consumer Protection), Competition Council, but also with the Ministry of Labor, with the topic of energy prices.

Florin Citu said that he will try, along with those mentioned above, to identify “these situation” and to find solutions, “in order to formalize them for this winter”, when asked, in Parliament, if he learned of multiple cases where suppliers applied misleading, higher prices in energy.

Asked if he considers whether the authorities that should monitor the way these prices are being liberalised have done their job, the PM said: “If these situations exist, it means that they did not do their job.”

Regarding the subsidy granted for heating in Bucharest, Citu said that the City Hall has received the money from the Government.


Citu agrees with USR recommendations regarding Anghel Saligny  investment programme


Prime Minister Florin Citu reiterated on Monday that he agrees with all the recommendations of the USR (Save Romania Union) regarding the Anghel Saligny (PNDL 3, National Local Development Programme) investment programme, noting that there are no other debates, and the programme is in the approval procedure and after that it will be discussed in the government.


“I said from the first moment that I agree with all the recommendations coming from USR, those of checking the works in time, of making sure that everything is transparent, of ensuring that we have a prioritization of the projects. So all this has already been discussed. Apart from political discussions, there is no other debate. From my point of view, PNDL 3 is under approval at the moment and when it is ready with the opinions, it will be through the government’s sitting,” said Citu before the coalition meeting.


Prime Minister’s Control Body to analyze situation related to forged vaccination certificates


The prime minister’s control body will look into the situation related to forged vaccination certificates, Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Monday, transmitting that it is “inadmissible” for forgery rings to be discovered by a journalist, given that “there are so many institutions that have received resources from the state budget”.

He said that he asked the ministers of Interior and Justice in the government meeting to contact the Public Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Health regarding this situation.

Asked about the fact that a journalistic investigation discovered a network that falsified vaccination certificates, Citu replied: “Today I had a discussion in the government meeting and I asked the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Minister of Justice to talk to the Public Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Health. “.

“I think it is inadmissible that something like this should be happening. First of all, we have so many institutions that have received resources from the state budget – both the MApN [the Ministry of National Defense] and the Public Ministry – and these things are discovered by a journalist, something that I find unacceptable. We cannot have all the law enforcement, people or institutions that should deal with discovering these rings and they get to be discovered by a journalist,” added the prime minister.

He said he had sent the Government Control Corps to look into what is happening, how things stand.

“At the same time, I was a supporter of vaccination by family doctors at the beginning of the year, I provided resources at the beginning of the year in this direction, I would not want to see such situations happen again,” the prime minister went on to say.


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