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August 31-Romanian Language Day. President Iohannis: The Romanian language will continue to keep us united and close to the country

President Klaus Iohannis sent a message on Tuesday on the occasion of the Romanian Language Day.

“Today, August 31, we celebrate the Romanian Language Day. On this occasion I congratulate all those who contribute in the field of literature, science and research, in the academic or editorial space to the cultivation of the Romanian language and to the communication through it of the important values of Romanian and universal civilization! For Romanians abroad, it is the Romanian language that makes them feel ‘at home’, wherever they are, and, in such a large diaspora, its role as a binder is more important than ever. Dear Romanians everywhere, do not stop loving the Romanian language and cultivate the love for it also among the children, in the spirit of its appreciation and correct use,” says the head of state in the message.

Iohannis declares himself confident that, through the implementation of the “Educated Romania” Project, solutions will be found for the digitization of Romanian language teaching, both in the country and in the Romanian communities abroad, as well as for supporting those who, by cultivating the language, maintain the connection of Romanian communities everywhere with the country.

The head of state welcomes the effort made by numerous associations and private initiatives from all over the world to keep alive the access of Romanians to learning their mother tongue.

“The Romanian language will continue to keep us united and close to the country. This treasure, which has lasted over the centuries, will remain the central element of our identity for many years!,” says President Iohannis.

The Presidential Administration announces that the Cotroceni Presidential Palace will be illuminated, on Tuesday, starting at 20:00, in the colors of the national flag on the occasion of the celebration of the Romanian Language Day.


Speaker Orban: The Romanian language, the strong and indestructible connection among all Romanians


Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Ludovic Orban posted a message on Tuesday, August 31, the Romanian Language Day, mentioning that the Romanian language unites the nation and must be celebrated by using the entire vocabulary that is “so vast and so beautiful.”

“Today, we are marking the Day of the Romanian Language, the holiday of Romanians everywhere, which permanently evokes the strong and indestructible connection among us, all Romanians, wherever we are, in the country or abroad. The Romanian language is what defines us as a nation, together with the other components of our national identity: culture, traditions, beliefs, common values. It is what unites us, tells us about our past and history for national affirmation and only by valuing and cultivating its richness of meanings and can we show that we value our future as a nation,” Orban wrote on Facebook.

He added that the Romanian language expresses the sensitivity of the people.

“We speak it, every day, in the family, we learn it from the first years of life, we miss it when we are away from the country and we keep it alive in the Romanian communities everywhere, because it is the one through which we express our sensitivity. As a nation, we have the obligation to celebrate it every day, and not only today, the Day of the Romanian Language, by using its entire vocabulary, which is so vast and so beautiful.”


Romanians invited to celebrate Language Day by reading “Orbitor” recommended for Readers of Europe 2021


Romania’s Minister of Culture Bogdan Gheorghiu is inviting Romanians to celebrate the Romanian Language Day by reading, reporting that this year the recommendation of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU for the Readers of Europe 2021 programme is “Orbitor” (Blinding) by Mircea Cartarescu.

“Romanian writers are important ambassadors of our country who promote our culture, customs, traditions all over the world. Today, on the Day of the Romanian Language, set at August 31 as a festive day of Romania under Law 53/2013, I am inviting you to celebrate it by reading,” the minister wrote on Facebook.

He added that this year Mircea Cartarescu’s novel “Orbitor,” ‘Blinding’ in its English version, is the recommendation of the Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU for the Readers of Europe 2021 programme, this year in its second edition.

This year’s theme of the EU programme is “Travel across Europe through literature,” a theme inspired by the impossibility of travel during the ongoing COVIDS-19 pandemic, the minister said.

“Reading is an appropriate way of discovering the beauties and culture of different countries. I want to congratulate Slovenia, which holds the Presidency of the EU Council from July to December 2021, on its involvement in promoting European values and continuing this programme masterminded by Croatia,” wrote Gheorghiu.

He mentioned that Romania’s recommendation for the Readers of Europe 2020 programme was Gabriela Adamesteanu’s novel “Dimineata pierduta” (Wasted Morning). Last year’s list of reading recommendations included 18 titles from 18 EU member states and was initiated by the Library of the European Council and the former Croatian presidency of the Council of the European Union, as “Readers of Europe. Reading list.”

This year, 23 permanent representations decided to join the Readers of Europe programme, Agerpres informs.


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