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August 15, 2022

PSD publishes text of censure motion against Citu Gov’t: Ciolacu invites USR PLUS, AUR and “all those interested” to sign the text drafted by SocDems

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) published, on Thursday, the text of the censure motion against the Citu Government.

The document, titled “Stop poverty, price increases and criminals! Down with the Citu Government!,” claims that the only solution for Romania exiting the continuous political, economic and social crisis is for the Citu Government to renounce the country’s leadership urgently.

“The Government of losers has impoverished Romania!” the motion says.

An argument brought by the Social Democrats is that “the right installed a criminal at the Victoria Palace.”

“The Government of Romania cannot be led by a criminal, who was convicted for the crime committed and who served time for his actions. The most cynical aspect is that former inmate Citu represents today, in an aberrant way, exactly the Coalition of those who promised in order to accede to power – forgetting then to vote on it! – the Law “no criminals in public positions”. Each day with the Citu Government in power is a day more in which the life of Romanians will be even more affected by poverty, blocked local community development, and the future of the country is marked by a toxic raise of debt, which will sacrifice entire generations however!” the motion says.

The Social Democrats also claim that “each Romanian is 560 euro poorer after the measures which destroyed the purchase power” and that “in a full price explosion, given the rampant increase of inflation, the Government didn’t find any other solution than to freeze pensions, allowances and salaries.”

“The official statistics show clearly that purchasing power dropped by over 12 pct. (…) The loss of control over the price increases in energy and fuel has generated rampant inflation. (…) The public debt is increasing by another 1,700 euro per second. Each Romanian is becoming poorer at the end of this year by 2,300 euro. Romania risks economic derailment, given that the increase in public debt is nearly double the increase of the Gross Domestic Product,” the PSD accuses.

According to the initiators of the censure motion, “the absorption of European funds is down, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) still isn’t approved, although 18 states already have their recovery plans approved already, of which 16 are already receiving funds. Romania risks losing over 60 pct of the allotted money because it will not have the physical time necessary to contract the money.”

The PSD also states that “the country’s farmers were humiliated. Instead of ending up on Romanians’ tables, their work is sold for nothing abroad.”

The Social Democrats also show that the “PNL-USR-PLUS-UDMR [National Liberal Party, Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity, Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania – e.n.] has missed all its assumed targets in Healthcare,” recalling that “in the name of an illusory protection, chronically ill patients were denied treatment and prevention services!”

Although the school year hasn’t started, “the PNL-USR-PLUS-UDMR Gov’t has already made plans to close schools”, say the Social Democrats in their demarche, claiming that the “Educated Romania” of Klaus Iohannis is “the Romania of chaos, improvization and closing schools!”.


Ciolacu invites USR PLUS, AUR and all those interested  to sign PSD’s motion  of no confidence against Citu Government


The leader of the PSD (Social Democratic Party), Marcel Ciolacu invited the MPs of USR (Save Romania Union) PLUS (Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity), AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians) and “all those interested” to sign the vote of no confidence drafted by the PSD, if they truly wish for the Citu Government to leave.

“One thing is certain! This government, which brought chaos and poverty, needs to leave now! And for this there is only one choice: all those interested come sign the vote of no confidence with us! Without blackmail, without under the table games, without obscure interests. Therefore, esteemed colleagues from USR: Leave the stories behind! You want to remain in the Government? Or do you truly want this Government to fall?”, Ciolacu wrote on Facebook.

He also invited MPs from AUR to sign the vote of no confidence, if they do not want to make “electoral capital on the backs of Romanians”.


Grindeanu: PSD is the only party that has the power given by the number of parliamentarians to initiate a censure motion


“Today, PSD will present the text of the censure motion. (…) PSD is the only party that has the power given by the number of parliamentarians to initiate a censure motion. Whoever really wants this government to fall, will sign the PSD motion. The rest are stories,” first vice-chair of PSD, Sorin Grindeanu told a press conference earlier in the day.

According to him, the signature of every one dissatisfied with the activity of the government is the only guarantee that the Citu government is really wanted to leave.

“The lack of signature means only negotiation, blackmail for several advantages. Neither Citu, nor Barna, nor Ciolos, nor Orban are really interested in the problems of the Romanians – of poverty, of the increase in the prices of gas, energy and fuels, of the increase in the price of food or medicines. This is what we are interested in, namely the fact that the drastic decrease in the standard of living is the main fear on the Romanians’ agenda and is the central point of the PSD motion of no confidence,” the former prime minister explained.

He claimed that USR PLUS is “part of the problem, not the solution” and if they really want the government to fall, they will sign the PSD motion.

“We are at this moment, by the vote given by the Romanians, the only parliamentary party that has the number of deputies and senators necessary to submit a motion of no confidence. (…) We have a decision of the National Political Committee given in Olimp (Black Sea resort) which says that we will file a motion of censure when we have 234 signatures. Today we come up with the text we make available and we are waiting for the number of 234 to be made. At this time or on the last censure motion, the approximately 30 votes were missing. If USR (Save Romania Union), which said that there are 80 signatures, wants to slam this government and not to be just a blackmail, a negotiation inside the governing coalition, then it signs this motion, added Grindeanu.


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