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August 18, 2022

Crisis in the ruling coalition: PNL leaders rule out negotiations with PSD, support of any party member for a motion of censure against a PNL-led government

PM Citu: Solution to this situation must be negotiated in coalition; PNL will not negotiate with PSD

Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Friday that the solution to the current political situation must be negotiated inside the coalition, not outside of it.

In a statement before the meeting of the National Liberal Party (PNL) National Standing Bureau, Citu pointed out that PNL will never negotiate with the Social Democratic Party (PSD).

“I, Florin Citu, have entered politics and have said it very clearly that I will never make any compromise with PSD. PNL – and as long as I am in PNL – will not negotiate with the biggest enemy of the Romanian people. Negotiating with PSD means negotiating against the Romanian people. Any solution to the situation we are in today must be negotiated in the ruling coalition, not outside of the ruling coalition,” he added.

He made a call to calm and maturity.

“We have important decisions to make in the coming period, PNRR will be approved in the coming weeks and it must be implemented, it concerns about 30 billion euros, we must have the normative act with the compensation for Romanians’ bills at the end of the year – the vulnerable consumer law – and many other draft laws which Romanians have sent us to Government for and we shall govern. I reiterate, the solution to the current situation is found in the discussions in the coalition, not in the negotiations outside the coalition,” the prime minister also said.


PNL’s Orban: I will not allow any liberal to support a motion of censure against a PNL-led government


National chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban said on Friday that he will not allow any of the PNL party members to support a motion of censure against a PNL-led government.

“As long as I am the chairman of PNL, I will not allow any PNL lawmaker to vote a motion of censure against a PNL-led government,” Orban said in a press statement ahead of a meeting of the PNL National Standing Bureau (BPN).

The PNL leader said that he talked with the leaders of PNL’s junior leading coalition partner, the Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR-PLUS) alliance on the coalition meeting, scheduled for today at 18:00hrs.

He said that the prime minister had informed him about the replacement of the justice minister two minutes before unveiling that decision.

“Prime Minister Citu did not ask anyone when he replaced Stelian Ion,” said Orban when asked about possibly replacing all the USR-PLUS ministers.

Orban was also asked if Citu is responsible for the current political crisis.

“Anyone with eyes and a mind can see the truth in this situation,” Orban said.

He also said that he still supports Citu because he is the prime minister who represents PNL.


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