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August 13, 2022

Logiscool Romania opens registration for the new school year’s programming courses, with a curriculum designed for the current digital needs of students

Logiscool Romania, the programming school for children and teenagers between 6 and 18 years old, opens the registration for the new generation of students interested in learning programming. Starting this year, Logiscool Romania students have access to new courses designed for their knowledge needs: Digital Discovery, which prepares children to surf the Internet safely and consciously, and Python, which is aimed at students who want to deepen their already assimilated programming knowledge and at advanced students.

More than 10,000 students are expected to register for this year’s Logiscool Romania courses, which start on 13 September, 30% more than last year. Those who become Logiscool students attend one class session per week for the whole school year and can register until 15 October. Students interested in attending Logiscool courses can benefit from free demonstration sessions, which they can access until 10 October.

This year’s curriculum has been enhanced with new programmes developed from the need of parents and students to discover the digital world in depth. Thus, in addition to the classic courses in programming, robotics, photo-video editing, Logiscool has included Digital Discovery, for those who want to learn more than just programming and be properly trained for safe surfing on the Internet. In addition, those who already know the basics of programming can progress and even get certified in Python with the new course in this year’s curriculum.

“At Logiscool Romania, we aim to make digital literacy as accessible as possible and to prepare today’s youth for the future. To this end, we stay in touch with our students and their parents to find out their needs and adapt accordingly. Thus, we have included in the programme courses that help students develop a conscious online presence, as well as courses that help them deepen their knowledge of certain programming languages. In addition, we have noticed the interest of companies to work with professionals who have other skills besides technical ones, which is why we include in our programmes soft skills development events and partnerships with other companies in this area”, says Indira Abdulvoap, General Manager Logiscool Romania.

Most of this year’s Logiscool Romania courses are available both online and on-site, depending on the preference of the enrolled students. Logiscool provides all the materials needed for the courses, while the conditions for enrolment are mentioned on the website.

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