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August 13, 2022

USR PLUS ministers to boycott Government sitting. PM Citu: The presence at the government meeting shows whether or not we support Romania’s development

The ministers that are part of the Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) will not attend the Government sitting, announced, on Friday, the leader of the formation’s deputies, Ionut Mosteanu.

He mentioned that, if a decision is to be made, it will be made “with or without the USR PLUS ministers in the chamber.”

“If they want to adopt it, they will adopt it with or without USR ministers in the chamber. (…) Seems Mr. Citu stepped over all norms, all customs these days, the agreement in the coalition, he will step over anything to bring this Anghel Saligny programme that only he needs urgently, there is no urgency (…) because he needs to buy votes in the congress, which from our point of view is unacceptable. We don’t want to waste any money that belongs to Romanians in the years to come,” said Mosteanu.


PM Citu: The presence at the government meeting shows whether or not we support Romania’s development


Prime Minister Florin Citu said on Friday that the ordinance for the approval of the Anghel Saligny Programme will be adopted in the Cabinet meeting at 16:00 hrs and showed that the meeting will take place even if the USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity) ministers are not present.

“The National Investment Plan will be approved today. On Tuesday, the budget amendment (will be adopted, ed. n.) so that the money can go on. There are already vaccination centers where it hasn’t been paid, I understand, for two to three months. That money has to go to these people as quickly as possible. That’s why we need all the people in the government, because whoever doesn’t come to the government meeting means that he/she doesn’t support these programmes,” premier Citu said in a press statement at the Palace of Parliament.

Citu stressed that the Anghel Saligny National Investment Plan is included in the government program, on page 97, where the extension of the water and sewerage network, as well as the modernization and rehabilitation of county and local roads are foreseen.

“At 16:00 hrs, today, we have a very important government meeting. A government meeting in which the Anghel Saligny Investment Plan will be approved, which is in the government programme (…) Romania’s development is a priority for this coalition. The presence at the government meeting shows whether or not we support Romania’s development,” the prime minister said.

At the same time, he suggested the option of an honorary resignation for the members of the Government who would file a censure motion. Citu said that the meeting will be carried out in the absence of the USR PLUS ministers as well.

“The government sitting is moving forward today. (…) I believe that in Romania, today, we still have honour and then, when we all took to the streets against Liviu Dragnea (former PSD leader, ed. n.), who brought down his own government, when you file a motion against your own government, maybe an honorary resignation…”, Florin Citu went on, according to Agerpres.

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