Ciolacu: PSD does wants no part in blackmail, will table motion when it gets 234 signatures

The opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD) does not want to be part of any blackmail and will table a motion of censure when it has 234 signatures, according to PSD national chairman Marcel Ciolacu.

“You can’t use PSD to table a motion of censure only for you, behind closed doors, to negotiate what you want from the prime minister or resort to blackmail. PSD does not want to be part of the blackmail. I personally do not want to take my colleagues to the anti-corruption agency because they participate in blackmail; and then, when you sign a motion, you are presumed to go and vote (…) you do not use the signature of the largest party in Romania to negotiate within the ruling coalition or the government. If you want to own it, you come and sign it. What has saddened me the most was that neither Mr Barna, nor Mr Ciolos, nor Mr Simion George even sent us the text of the motion, which I did every time and I respected every colleague and every leader of a parliamentary and non-parliamentary party,” Ciolacu said on Sunday.

He pointed out that the Citu government has to go, mentioning that PSD will attend on Monday a joint sitting of Parliament’s standing bureaus.

“There is a motion submitted, it is with the joint bureaus. We are waiting for their decision, then we invite those from USR [Save Romania Union] and AUR [Alliance for the Union of Romanians], if the motion fails to sign the PSD motion,” Ciolacu said, according to Agerpres.

According to him, Parliament no longer represents the will of the Romanians in its current composition and early elections are needed. He pointed out that PSD is ready to return to power.

“Moreover, we have 90% of the governing agenda and the necessary laws to get out of the crisis,” the PSD leader said.

Asked by journalists about the accusation that he would strike a backroom agreement with Prime Minister Florin Citu on public money, he replied that he had not had discussions with the prime minister in a very long time.

“If you think that the development minister (…) will ever violate the law, you are sorely mistaken, and PSD has the most local administrations, it is impossible to exclude the PSD administrations from a possible PNDL3 [National Local Development Programme 3],” Ciolacu added, according to Agerpres.

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