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August 10, 2022

Atena Medical Center, a multidisciplinary clinic with 100% Greek capital, to bring a plus of quality on the market of medical services in Bucharest

The official inauguration of Atena Medical Center, a multidisciplinary clinic offering premium medical services, with 100% Greek capital will take place on September 23rd.


The diversity and professionalism of the medical team of the clinic which is located in Primaverii, a central area of Bucharest, guarantee the optimal diagnostic and treatment. Started with a Greek capital, the project brings a plus of quality on the market of medical services inside the capital of Romania.

The team of doctors composed from specialists holding strong professional experience, as well as an environment designed for a high patient comfort support a complete medical approach. Atena Medical Center aims to offer quick diagnosis and treatment, but especially customized services that highlight the patient and are suitable for his/hers needs.

This ambitious project has 30 medical specialties and a team of more than 120 top doctors, specialists, primary care physicians and professors, offering a second opinion consultation for difficult medical cases through the visiting doctors program. The high standards of the equipment in the multidisciplinary clinic ensure a high accuracy diagnosis and the team operates according to the principles of consultation and interdisciplinary communication.

The medical director of the clinic and the coordinator of the medical team is Dr. Konstantinos Vakalidis, specialist urologist andrologist, doctor of medicine, specialized in minimally invasive surgery, robotic laparoscopic surgery, with great experience with the Romanian patients and the medical market.

The clinic will operate based on an integrated system of services and the possibility for the patient to benefit from personalized subscriptions and benefits. The cabinets are equipped with specific equipment and appliances, of the latest generation, in accordance with quality standards, and the medical consultations will take place in a pleasant, bright environment, customized by top designers from Greece.

Small surgeries can be performed in specialized offices, as well as imaging, respectively ultrasound, radiography and the entire range of laboratory tests, including rapid test, RT PCR test and antibody test for COVID-19. The clinic will offer also through its collaborators all the other significant imaging investigations,

including PET/ CT, RMN, mammography and osteodensitometry. The values we are guided by are excellence in the medical act and a professional approach from the medical staff, starting right from the front desk.

The synergy on which the medical team is based on represents a guarantee for the patient in solving any medical problem. Atena Medical Center has easy access to public transportation and special parking lots for patients. The building is structured on 6 levels and will operate according to the following schedule: Monday-Friday 7:00-21:00 and Saturday 8:00-14:00.

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