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March 23, 2023

USRPLUS ministers submit resignations to Government

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna and the ministers from the Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) submitted their resignations, on Tuesday morning at the Government.

“This morning we did what we announced. We recorded and submitted our resignations, together with the USR PLUS ministers, with the Prime Minister’s cabinet. We move forward,” wrote Dan Barna on his Facebook page.

The USR PLUS co-chair Dan Barna had announced, on Monday evening, that the USR PLUS ministers were to withdraw from the Florin Citu cabinet.

“Florin Citu blew up in full awareness and complete responsibility this coalition,” claimed Barna.

On Tuesday afternoon, the representatives of the USR PLUS are expected at the Cotroceni Palace, President Klaus Iohannis inviting them to discuss in the context of the current government crisis.


Senate’s Chair Anca Dragu: USR PLUS cannot co-sign a unilateral governing


The Senate chairwoman, Anca Dragu, declared that USR PLUS (Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Union and Solidarity alliance) wishes to be part of a responsible coalition, not agreeing to co-sign a “unilateral governing”.

“USR PLUS cannot co-sign a unilateral governing. USR PLUS wishes to be part of a responsible coalition. This evening, our minister colleagues decided to quit from this governing that no longer represents them. A coalition means consensus, consultations, dialogue, in a word – team. But this team was fractured beyond repair. This party was born from the pressing need for Romania’s recovery and for this we will dedicate all our efforts. We are going forward!” Dragu wrote on Facebook on Monday.

The co-chairman of USR PLUS Dan Barna had announced earlier on Monday evening that the ministers of this formation are withdrawing from the Florin Citu Cabinet and will hand in their resignations on Tuesday morning.


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