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June 28, 2022

Fairo, the mobile banking app designed for Romanian freelancers and their business needs

Romania is the first EU country where Fairo is launching


Austrian start-up Creative Dock launches Fairo, the financial app helping freelancers realize more of their business goals by doing less paperwork. The innovative app, developed with the support of Raiffeisen Bank International, kicks off its journey by making invoicing features available to its users. Before the end of the year, users will be able to enjoy simplified bookkeeping assistance and tax functionalities, such as income tracking, followed by easy tax calculation and the possibility to automatically generate and share tax reports.

Invoicing benefits: With Fairo there’s no need to be stuck sitting at a desk – invoicing in less than 60 seconds on the go; users will save the time it takes to find out which of their clients have paid them. Fairo’s feature that pairs invoices with transactions does it automatically. Having every invoice stored in the app ensures they’ll always be prepared for tax season.

The flagship feature that completes the mobile app is the Fairo bank account, which will be launched next year. Users will be able to get paid by clients directly to their Fairo bank account and easily track their income. They will also have access to cards, ATM withdrawals, local and international payments, currency exchange, a Fairo personal bank account and more. In 2022, through the app, users will pay their taxes directly from the Fairo bank account.

„Our mission is to help freelancers enjoy the results of their work in the most efficient way possible, providing them with a definitive solution for simplifying administrative tasks and managing finances. We know how tiring it is, as a freelancer, to take care of necessary paperwork, especially if managing it is not your strong point. That’s why, through Fairo, we help them save time with a holistic approach to invoicing, bookkeeping, taxes and banking,” says Igor Prerovsky, CEO Creative Dock Austria.

„Fairo responds to a need increasingly present on the Romanian market, that of being able to manage all your in-house operations, without hassle, including those related to business administration and banking. We are proud to support the development of this application and its goal to make freelancers’ lives more convenient,” says Andrii Stepanenko (photo), Member of the Management Board Raiffeisen Bank International.

The Fairo journey begins with invoicing and will soon offer a Fairo business bank account which completes the package. Offering freelancers the combined power of tax reporting, bookkeeping, invoicing, and banking that will help them save time and give them their freedom back.

The app is now available to be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store.


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