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September 28, 2021

Tataru: People vaccinated against COVID-19 should not suffer because of non-immunised people

Nelu Tataru, honorary adviser to Prime Minister Florin Citu and former Minister of Health, said that people vaccinated against COVID-19 should not suffer because of non-immunised people.

“I think that the restrictions we have are sufficient, but they must be respected, and their implementation must be verified (…). I am a supporter of the fact that the person who has been vaccinated, the one who has complied with certain conditions, the one who at one point assumed the so-called risks of vaccination and now cannot benefit from a cultural activity or any other benefit should not have to suffer, in the context in which others restrict this,” Nelu Tataru said on Wednesday, upon leaving the Ministry of Health.

He noted that the issue of Intensive Care medical staff needs to be assessed to see to what extent exchanges can be provided.

In his view, the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases is “an alarm signal” that should lead to decisions and assumptions.

Nelu Tataru mentioned that a possible introduction of the obligation to vaccinate or test for COVID-19 the employees in schools and hospitals should be discussed at the level of the Government and the Committee for Emergency Situations.

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