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January 27, 2023

PM Citu, Hungarian Vice President Semjen Zsolt invited to UDMR Congress in Sangeorgiu

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR) on Thursday published the list of participants in the 15th Congress of UDMR, to take place in Sangeorgiu de Mures, among whom there are Prime Minister Florin Citu and the Hungarian VP, Semjen Zsolt.

Alongside Florin Citu and Semjen Zsolt, attending the UDMR Congress will be also the president of PNL and of the Deputies Chamber, Ludovic Orban, the president of PSD (Social Democratic Party), Marcel Ciolacu, and other leaders of political parties from Romania, Ukraine, Croatia, and Serbia.

On  Thursday, in Targu Mures,  three rounds of debate on topics related to those of the Congress took place, organized by UDMR’s Women’s Organization, the National Council of Local Elected Officials of UDMR, and the Young Hungarians Conference (MIERT).


Kelemen Hunor: UDMR has plans for coming years, including rethinking of family support system


The Chairman of Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor, declared, on Thursday, at the Women’s Organization Forum of the party, “United for the future – together for our children”, in Targu Mures, that the Union has responsibilities and plans for the coming years, including a rethinking of the family support system and that the document “Together for the family!” will be debated and adopted within the 15th Congress of UDMR, in Sangeorgiu de Mures.

“The current support system does not open up prospects for younger families and large families. We offer the country a new political philosophy, which we will discuss in Congress. Of course, we will keep support for children, but we will also add income for families with more children. At the same time, we will discuss supporting multi-generational families and creating opportunities for young families to access housing loans more easily,” said Kelemen Hunor, according to the official translation.

He said that the representatives of the Union addressed the issue of families at the Congress in 2017 and on other occasions, but now UDMR is in a governmental position and can have more influence on the development of public policies.

The president of the Women’s Organization of UDMR, Rozalia Biro, stated that there is no other way to build a community than by supporting and strengthening the family, and thus the community can be developed.

The mayor of Sfantul Gheorghe, Antal Arpad, and deputy Andrea Csep, presented the initiatives related to family, as well as the way in which they are applied at the level of local public administrations.

“We are taking our family support policy to a new level so that young families can have as many children as they want. In Sfantul Gheorghe, the municipality has set up several family support programs that can serve as good examples for other cities, such as the PEDIBUS or the Come Home program, through which young people can get land for free if they move home,” said Antal Arpad.

Deputy Andrea Csep said that the UDMR Women’s Organization considers that helping families is very important, and reducing domestic violence has been a priority program of the organization for many years.

“In Parliament, we have managed to bring more changes to the laws that serve the welfare of families. The next step is to bring security to families. We also want to find concrete solutions to make the daily life of families better, safer and more predictable. In order for young people to start a family, we need to create an atmosphere in which there isn’t a fiscal policy that poses a threat,” he said, according to Agerpres.



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