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January 30, 2023

The celebration of Mexico´s National Day in Romania

By: Guillermo Ordorica R., Ambassador of Mexico to Romania

This year, Mexico celebrates three important events: the Seven-hundredth Anniversary of the foundation of Tenochtitlan, the ancient city of the Nahuatl culture; the Five-hundredth Anniversary of Native Populations’ Resistance; and the Bicentennial of the Consolidation of our National Independence. This 2021 is a notable year, which offers to the people and government of Mexico the opportunity to rethink our country’s history, a history through which we have proved, several times, the strength of our cultural identity and our political will to continue building a sovereign nation, committed to the observance of International Law, tolerance, cooperation and peace in the world.

On 16 September 1810, following Miguel Hidalgo´s Battle Cry of Independence, Mexico began to write its own history, with the certainty that liberal values, social justice and the rule of Law are the best pillars for achieving prosperity and democracy. Today, the Mexican people is proud of its achievements while, at the same time, still working for the continuous strengthening of the political and moral legacy of our beloved founders. Among others, heroes such as Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, Miguel Hidalgo, Leona Vicario, and Jose Maria Morelos are a reference for the new generation of Mexicans. Following their outstanding example of integrity and commitment, Mexico´s domestic and foreign policy are strongly intertwined. As a result, my country works for national and international orders in which peoples and nations must be co-responsible for setting the pace for a virtuous globalization. This is particularly true in times in which the COVID-19 pandemic challenges our ability to address the threats common to humankind.

Mexico, following the constitutional principles of a foreign policy that is well-known for its solidarity and engagement with peace and cooperation for development, has conducted important bilateral and multilateral initiatives in order to guarantee access to the COVID-19 vaccine, especially in less-developed countries. At the same time, while the pandemic has awakened the world to the importance of adopting new measures and skills to deal with the health crisis, the Government of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is firmly convinced that, for finally defeating the virus, it is crucial to fight against poverty and establish adequate conditions for social justice and integral development.

The sanitary emergency has reshaped international relations and urges the review of existing multilateral institutions. In the emerging scenario and before traditional and new threats to peace and global security, these institutions must have the tools and abilities to comply with their mandates. Accordingly, the participation of my country as a non-permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council aims to improve understanding and cooperation at a world level. It is with this certainty that, as a leading economy and one of the most visited countries in the world, Mexico will continue to contribute to the building of a trustable partnership in the global community, in which all countries have equal opportunities.

Following this path, and in the context of an always friendly and promising bilateral relation, Mexico is proud of its partnership with Romania. During the current year and with mutual respect, we have had the opportunity to address several topics of common interest through diplomatic channels, always with a positive perspective and under the institutional umbrella that we have built in 86 years of bilateral relations. Mexico and Romania have much in common. Both nations are proud of their history and traditions, many of which are of universal value. They are also known for the diversity and richness of their natural resources. With bonds strongly rooted in trust and with a common perspective regarding different matters of the global agenda, our countries work on the international scene convinced of the importance of building understanding in areas which are crucial for cooperation, development and peace.

Romania´s bilateral exchanges with Mexico continue to grow and confirm the potential of both countries’ economies. We share the condition of partners through the European Union (EU) and appreciate the valuable support of Romania for the modernisation of the EU-Mexico Global Agreement. In Eastern Europe and in the Americas, our countries offer attractive opportunities for investing while presenting themselves as entry gates to the dynamic European and North American markets. At the same time, Mexico is optimistic about the condition of Romania as an Observer State of the Pacific Alliance, a forum designed for improving connectivity and which offers a new avenue for strengthening our economic and trade bonds.

In 2018, Mexico took the initiative and opened its Military Attaché Office at its Embassy in Bucharest. Two years later, Romania reciprocated. This is a symbol of the strength of the bilateral relation, a symbol that proves the friendship and will for cooperation that our countries have traditionally embraced. It is also the result of a new approach to International Relations in times of globalization. In the emerging scenario, our nations play important roles and their foreign policies are fit for addressing the challenges of the 21st Century.

In recent times, we have had several opportunities to confirm the importance of dialogue as the best way to deal with shared concerns. In times of pandemic, it is important to acknowledge that our bonds grew stronger. Our countries have learned from this sanitary emergency, but they need to continue paying attention to its evolution. We are certain that, while international society needs to mobilize human, technical, and financial resources in the battle against COVID-19, Mexico and Romania have properly managed the situation while, at the same time, have offered their support and cooperation capacities for the benefit of other countries.

In the celebration of the National Day of Mexico, the Embassy benefits from the occasion to express its deepest gratitude for the care and attention given by the Romanian authorities to its diplomatic personnel during the pandemic. Their continued support, understanding and information flow have proved to be very valuable during these exceptional times and offer an outstanding testimony of humanity and friendship.

In this two-hundred-and-eleventh Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico, we evoke the memory of all those women and men who, as national heroes, are still remembered for their sacrifice and bravery in the process of building the nation and establishing the strong foundations of our foreign policy. Mexico is today a trustable partner, which conducts its international relations with a constructive spirit following the liberal values embraced by its Constitution and its most cherished political traditions.

Mexican diplomacy will continue to deploy its best efforts for the strengthening of multilateral organizations and the multiplication of cooperation, partnership and exchange with all nations. Be certain that Mexico, as always, will continue to work passionately in favour of the rule of law, peace and universal understanding.


Viva Mexico!!!


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