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February 3, 2023

PM Citu asked if USR PLUS collaboration possible after motion: We’ll see then

Prime Minister Florin Citu says it is left to be seen whether the National Liberal Party (PNL) could still collaborate with the Save Romania Union – Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS) after the latter endorsed the censure motion alongside the Alliance for Romanians’ Union (AUR), nonetheless he points out the alliance between the two parties represents a dangerous precedent.

The specifications came after the PNL National Political Bureau (BPN) on Saturday adopted a resolution calling on USR PLUS to “immediately and completely denounce” any collaboration or joint political action with AUR, which they characterise as “an extremist, xenophobic and anti-European formation.”

“We’ll see then. If they go further along with AUR… PNL has very clearly said what is thinks about those who collaborate with extremist parties, we’ll see then. (…) [The resolution] has been adopted because it was my colleagues’ proposal. Both in Europe, in the European Parliament, as well as in Romania, there are very many question marks and questions raised on this alliance. In Germany this kind of extremist parties do not have access to anything, therefore no one legitimises them. In Romania there is a dangerous precedent, and I believe everyone is looking at this situation as being a dangerous precedent,” he said.

On the other hand, Citu voiced himself surprised that a new resolution denying any form of collaboration with the Social Democratic Party (PSD) had been voted again at the BPN meeting.

“First of all, for us the primary solution is the right wing government together with USR and UDMR [the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania]. This resolution today, at the president’s proposal, was pointless, as one BPN meeting before, we had voted that we would never govern with PSD, therefore there are two things… But we voted the one today, too,” said Citu, according to Agerpres.

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