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February 9, 2023

75% of Romanians believe that women cannot play sports at the same level as men

Head&Shoulders Romania believes that nothing should stand in your way regardless of your dream

 Performance knows no gender!


60% of Romanians believe that football is an exclusively male sport, placing it in the same category as contact sports and bodybuilding. They also believe that gymnastics, volleyball and ice skating are the sports that would be more suitable for women, according to a national study conducted by Cult Research. From the same research we also find out that 75% of Romanians believe that women cannot play sports at the same level as men and only 2% of them believe that women can perform in football.

In order to change these perceptions, Head&Shoulders Romania, the P&G brand that encourages consumers to trust themselves to overcome daily challenges, becomes the official supporter of the Romanian Women’s National Football Team and launches the local campaign Performance knows no gender!, through which it aims to convey to young people not to let anything stand in the way of their dream and, at the same time, to contribute to changing the perception of Romanians in relation to gender equality in sports.

“The gender perception in sports is determined is determined, on one hand, by the attitude of consumers towards sports (and the associations they make with various sports), and on the other hand, by the level of media promotion of different sports, and gender inequality has many negative consequences for female athletes. Despite improvements in gender equality in sport, women athletes still face many obstacles related to the existing gender stereotypes in the Romanian society,” says Paul Acatrini, a Cult Research researcher.

The campaign video, whose protagonist is Teodora Meluță (photo), quarterback in the National Women’s Football Team, shows us the trials that athletes go through both on and off the field – from daily training to the stress before an important confrontation, emphasizing the idea that performance is built with determination, training and endurance regardless of gender.

“To get where you want requires a lot of work and determination every day. This is the only way you can fulfill your dream, that of being the best version of yourself in the field in which you work. I am happy to be part of this campaign and I want people to understand that sport is for everyone, not just for women or men”, declared Teodora Meluță, player in the National Women’s Football Team of Romania.

Performance knows no gender! is the campaign through which we want to change preconceptions and to offer, not just to athletes, but to all people who achieve performance, the recognition they deserve. Unfortunately, equality is limited by prejudices, that’s why we use our voice to be a force of good, hoping to promote open discussions, influence attitudes and finally celebrate gender equality. As the proud mother of a talented 5-year-old girl, and a passionate cross fitter myself, these are core values I would love my daughter to grow with and therefore I am particularly proud we can make a small step to a hopefully much more open society”, says Ileana Cociaș, Senior Brand Director P&G

Head&Shoulders, the world’s No. 1* shampoo, fulfills its mission to deliver performance day by day through its products, used by millions of consumers around the world. And together with the Romanian Football Federation, through the Performance knows no gender! initiative, Head&Shoulders continues to sustain a world without prejudice, with equal opportunities.


* P&G calculation based on data reported from annual external sales for the shampoo category, between July 2018 and June 2019. Copyright (C) 2019, Nielsen company.



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