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January 30, 2023

FruFru is launching Ghid: o viață fără bazaconii collection of best practices gathered from online communities

  • Ghid: o viață fără bazaconii is available for free on frufru.ro.
  • The 29 tips on nutrition, sports, and sustainability were gathered from 6 online communities.
  • In the guide, Ana Maria Popescu, multiple fencing champion, shares her habits for a balanced lifestyle.


FRUFRU, is launching Ghid: o viață fără bazaconii, a series of practical information about what it looks like to have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. We are going through a pandemic that has changed our lifestyle, influencing not only how we socialize and work, but also how we eat, move, live. That’s why FRUFRU, together with 6 friends of the brand and their online communities, brought together those tips and best practices that help maintain a balanced eating behavior and lifestyle, even in difficult times.

„It is a different kind of guide, we do not have quantities and mandatory food groups. Instead of those specific recommendations, we have gathered a number of principles and best practices from nutritionists and people who guide their communities,” says Mihai Simiuc, founder and CEO of FRUFRU.

 The guide contains tips on what it means to eat healthy and what are the principles of a balanced lifestyle: physical activity, abandoning harmful habits, and psychological balance.

„We have long advocated for #fărăbazaconii food, a principle that, for us, means more than getting rid of what should not be in our diet – it is about the nutritional intake of quality fruits and vegetables, about sustainability, about supporting the community. And that means we don’t stop at eating, we apply this philosophy to all aspects in our lifestyle. And because we thought we learn best together, we created this place where our communities and friends shared their knowledge and laid the groundwork for this guide – written by the community, for the community,” adds Mihai Simiuc.


The 6 FRUFRU friends who contributed to the Guide are:


Ghid: o viață fără bazaconii is available for free on www.frufru.ro and can be downloaded starting today.



FRUFRU, a brand created 15 years ago in Romania, brings on the tables of all Romanians #fărăbazaconii food, for all meals and snacks of the day. The company’s portfolio is made up of over 80 products prepared daily from fresh ingredients: soups, sandwiches, salads, main courses, and desserts. The products can be found in the FRUFRU Cooperatives in Bucharest, Cluj, and Timișoara, as well as in the fresh section of retailers in the largest cities in the country.








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