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January 27, 2023

The Coca-Cola System in Romania reaffirms its commitment to the local market

On the 30th anniversary of local presence, the two companies announce new investments, the results of the socio-economic impact study and progress in the area of ​​sustainability

In the year that marks 30 years of local presence, The Coca-Cola System (Coca-Cola Romania and Coca-Cola HBC Romania) reaffirms its commitment to the Romanian market through significant and constant investments. Since 1991 and until now, the Coca-Cola System has invested 384 million euros in local operations.

”We are proud of everything we have built in Romania over the past 30 years, together with our team and partners. Romania is a very important country for the Coca-Cola System, being an example of good practices, creativity, a regional hub of innovation and production. The products manufactured here reach our consumers in Romania, as well as consumers in 14 other countries. We constantly invest and innovate to reduce the impact on the environment. The entire System team is committed and determined to write new chapters in the Coca-Cola story in Romania, together with over 93,000 customers and over 1,000 partners. We look to the future with optimism. We know that every gesture we make today has an impact on tomorrow. We want to continue to be leaders in sustainability and to show that our business is about what we leave After Us to future generations.” – Jovan RADOSAVLJEVIC, General Manager, CocaCola HBC România.

”30 years ago, the first bottle of Coca-Cola produced in Romania brought the hope of a change that many were waiting for. Over the years, Coca-Cola has remained an ambassador of confidence in the future. In this ever-changing world, we have continued to offer our consumers memorable experiences, work closely with our partners, and stay close to our communities through involvement and solidarity. We are happy to reiterate our commitment to grow in the local market – a market that has given us many opportunities in 30 years, challenged us to innovate and be better at what we do. We continue to offer Romanians the drinks they appreciate, the diversity they need, and to contribute to a change for the better. Together with the team and all our partners, we are happy to offer Romanians reasons for optimism.” Paris NIKOLOPOULOS, General Manager, CocaCola România (photo L).

Constant investments in performance and sustainability

In 2020, in the Ploiesti plant, one of the largest at group level, 4.5 million euros were invested in a new line for beverages packaged in glass, which reach consumers in Romania and 5 other countries. Also in 2020, in the Timișoara plant, 9.5 million euros were invested for the integration of the latest technologies for bottling beverages in PET and significantly increasing the performance of the production process.

2021 marks the inauguration of the ASEPTIC line in the Ploiești plant, dedicated to the FUZETEA bottling, through an investment of over 19 million euros. It is the only line in Coca-Cola HBC Romania and the second in the Coca-Cola HBC group globally that uses DRY, an innovative technology that significantly reduces the consumption of chemicals, water and energy in the process of sterilizing packaging. In April of this year, the Coca-Cola System launched, for the first time on the local market, the innovative Keel Clip technology: the collective packaging made of biodegradable and recyclable cardboard for dosing boxes, which helps to reduce the quantity of plastic foil by approximately 200 tons per year. The investment in the factory in Timisoara amounted to 2 million euros.

An important contributor to the local economy, even in a pandemic year

According to the socio-economic impact study for 2020, the value added by the entire value chain of the Coca-Cola System in Romania reaches 434 million euros (62 million euros directly and 372 million euros, indirectly), the equivalent of 0, 20% of Romania’s GDP. In 2020, for every euro spent by Romanians on products from the portfolio of the two companies, 56 cents remained in the local economy.

The contribution to the state budget of the Coca-Cola System and its value chain, through taxes paid, represented, in 2020, 40% of the total value added in the economy.

The number of jobs created and supported by the Coca-Cola System and its partners amounts to 17,300. Each job at Coca ‑ Cola supports another 11 jobs in the local market.

Sustainable growth

The company is making steady progress towards its vision – A world without waste. All packaging placed on the market by the Coca-Cola System is 100% recyclable and 20% of the portfolio is packaged in recycled PET (rPET).

In the last 3 years, carbon emissions have been reduced by 15.25%. 100% of the electricity used comes from renewable and clean sources, and the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption (electricity + heat) increased in 2020 to 80%. Water consumption per litre of beverage produced decreased by approximately 7%, and all three Coca-Cola HBC plants in Romania have AWS (Alliance For Water Stewardship) – Gold Recognition certification.

The well-being and development of local communities remain a priority, with the Coca-Cola System investing over 1 million euros annually in projects dedicated to them. Within the sustainability platform, the projects aim at four pillars: environmental protection  (După noi, strângem tot noi); protection of water resources (După noi, apa hrănește viața); youth empowerment (După noi, cresc oameni noi) și developing communities (După noi, dăinuie ce-i al locului).


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