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January 27, 2023

Orban: Decision to step down as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies is irrevocable

Former National Liberal Party (PNL) national leader Ludovic Orban announced on Monday that the decision to step down as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies is irrevocable, and his resignation is not available to the party leader for an indefinite period, saying that if a decision is not taken within 15 days, he will submit it personally to Parliament.

“Today, I have sent to the party my resignation as speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, a resignation at the disposal of the PNL president to be tabled when necessary. I did not submit my resignation to the Chamber of Deputies, because had I resigned today most likely the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies would have become a Social Democratic Party (PSD) member and I do not want to make a PSD gift,” Orban explained at the Parliament House.

He underscored that his resignation is not available to the PNL president for an indefinite period.

“My resignation is not available to the PNL president for an unlimited period. If within 15 days it is not submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, (…) I will personally submit my resignation. I have announced this decision which is irrevocable. There is a very strong reason for me to do that. If someone thinks they can shut my mouth after what happened on Saturday and Sunday, it means they don’t know me,” Orban said, according to Agerpres.


Ludovic Orban has apologized to many Romanians for convincing them to vote with Iohannis


Former National Liberal Party (PNL) leader Ludovic Orban said on Monday that President Klaus Iohannis conveyed a clear message at the PNL Congress that he supported (prime minister, ed.n.) Florin Citu, adding that he had to apologize to the Romanians he had persuaded to vote for Iohannis as head of state.

“You have seen with your own eyes who clearly said that he supports Citu – the president of Romania. Practically, all the speculations that were made throughout the campaign that the president supports Florin Citu, the fact that he built his entire campaign based on this message, that there is an order for every unit from the Presidency for Citu to become leader, I did not believe it because I did not attend any discussion between the president and party leaders where Iohannis would have asked them to support Florin Citu. It is true that I had information from all the members who told me that various leaders were campaigning. Instead, all this was made clear by the presence of the president at the congress, in the message he addressed to the congress, which was an unequivocal message, every person has understood the president’s partisanship for Florin Citu,” Orban told a news conference.

Asked if the (intelligence, ed.n.) “Services” were involved, Orban said: “I have been asked before. Of course, the services do not work in the open, the services have systems. Here, normally, the control committee should investigate this subject.”

“It has been confirmed over the last 30 years that there are interventions of the Services in areas where the Services should not be present, in the media, for example, in the judiciary, in the administration, in political parties. This should not exist and I’m wondering if CNSAS shouldn’t be dealing with the collaborators of today’s Services, not with the collaborators of the [former communist secret police, ed.n.] Securitate,” Orban added.

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