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June 25, 2022

PM Citu: Romanians should only listen to specialists regarding calculations about COVID-19 case incidence

The chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL), Florin Citu, declared on Monday, that the specialists are the one who should speak about the way the calculations are being made for the COVID-19 incidence rate, and not people who “have no sort of expertise” in the field.

He was asked how he is responding to the accusations launched by the former Minister of Health Vlad Voiculescu, according to whom some positive COVID-19 test results “were hidden” so that the PNL Congress could be organized, last weekend.

“I recommend all Romanians to only listen to the specialists. Information regarding health or the way the incidence is calculated should only come from specialists, not from people who have no sort of experience or expertise in the field. We should all be really careful here. I already know, and in this case the man was given a reply from the DSP (Public Health Directorate), from specialists, who are talking very clearly about the way it was handled. That is why, I recommend all Romanians, each time, to only listen to the opinion of specialists. So, many people believe that they are good in different areas, but it is good to go with the specialists,” Citu said, at the PNL headquarters, according to Agerpres.

Asked about the possibility of adopting new restrictions given the rise in the incidence rate of infections with SARS-CoV-2, the PM said: “We already have every measure, until 6 per thousand inhabitants, the measures are already known, we have nothing to implement until we reach 6 per thousand inhabitants.”

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