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March 30, 2023

Four schools from disadvantaged communities have been supplied with smart classroom equipment, within the project „The Future is at School”, organized by JA Romania and Metropolitan Life

  • Junior Achievement (JA) Romania and Metropolitan Life started the second stage of the FUTURE IS AT SCHOOL project committed to develop schools from disadvantaged environments.
  • Four schools from Bacău, Dâmbovița, Gorj and Hunedoara started the school year with smart classroom educational equipment that offers access to online and digital interactive resources.

With the beginning of the new school year, JA Romania resumes the activities of the project „THE FUTURE IS AT SCHOOL”, accomplished with Metropolitan Life. Their role is to support the schools and students development from disadvantaged communities.

Between September and December 2021, during the second stage of the project, over 4,000 students in the transition from middle school to high school will participate to activities that are going to help them define their own interests and abilities and form a personalized understanding of personal success concept-custom to their interests and based on setting goals and actions.

The start of activities at this stage was marked by an online festivity that brought together students, teachers and Metropolitan Life volunteers which by sharing examples and personal and professional experiences, inspire young people and help them make projections for their future, determined by the influence of education and the financial instruments role in every stage of life.

„Protecting life and future of communities in which we activate, for over 22 years in Romania and over 152 years in the world, is one of the priorities and values rooted in our DNA. As a reaffirmation of our commitment and responsibility, we engage in actions and programs that have a positive impact on health and life quality of society, where we belong to and that can provide social and educational support for children from disadvantaged environments. It is a joy and honor to commit together with Junior Achievement, our partners in good deeds for over 9 years, to develop a sustainable tomorrow for future generations”, says Carmina Dragomir, CEO of Metropolitan Life.

Also, the festivity marked the endowment of four middle schools from Răcăciuni (Bacău), Petrești (Dâmbovița), Motru (Gorj) and Băița (Hunedoara) with equipment evaluated to 38,000 RON. The four schools started the school year with smart classroom facilities, which provide online access to interactive digital educational resources.

„We got involved in this project out of desire to give our students the right to equality in access to education, to erase the differences and discrepancies between village and city. We are constantly concerned with bringing into our school activities what is new and sustainable and certainly our students will perpetuate what they see, feel and learn from senior people. Through the help of modern equipment, students will be even more motivated in learning and developing their knowledge and skills through attractive and interactive activities”, says a participating teacher from Băița, Hunedoara Middle School.

Other schools will benefit from such endowments with smart classroom kits, in December, following attendance in the project activities.

Launched in March 2021, the FUTURE IS AT SCHOOL project includes activities to encourage a positive attitude towards the need for education, solutions for hybrid learning through interactive digital educational resources and free access to the e-learning platform JA Inspire ™. During March-June, participated over 6,300 students from grades VII-X, from 124 cities.

The partnership between JA Romania and Metropolitan Life to support education through learning by doing continues for the ninth consecutive year, with activities that support financial inclusion, by preventing school dropout and health education.



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