Mind Architect and OTP Bank Romania Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Education, launch the Neuroscience in the Classroom learning project

Mind Architect, in partnership with OTP Bank Romania Foundation, launches “Neuroștiința la clasă” (“Neuroscience in the classroom”) – an educational program that aims to apply the subjects of neuroscience and psychology in the day to day lives of pupils and students, a first time for the Romanian education system.

Initiated by Mind Architect, and based on the episodes of Paul Olteanu’s podcast, the project responds to a widespread need, identified among teachers, students, and parents alike, to address the subject of self-knowledge in order to provide clarity in thinking, to form active minds and confident personalities.

The support curriculum materials prepared by the initiators of the project, together with their educational partners, can be downloaded free of charge by teachers, directly from the program’s website, These are designed in the form of guides, according to the age groups and stages of psychological development of the students.

Neuroscience helps us better understand how our brain and mind develop, how we learn, and how we use this knowledge to develop new relationship management abilities and self-management skills. Thus, the Neuroscience in the Classroom program, which combines knowledge of neuroscience, pedagogical innovation, and social sciences, provides teachers with the necessary tools to improve students’ learning.

The Neuroscience in the Classroom program is addressed to teachers in primary, secondary, high school and university education, starting with the third grade, that want to help students become more self-aware and lead more fulfilling lives.

“Of all the projects initiated in the last 15 years of activism in education and personal development, NeurostiintaLaClasa.Ro is, by far, the one that empowers me and that I enjoy the most. Why? Because I firmly believe that psychological education and self-knowledge, the earlier they start and the more informed they are about the latest scientific discoveries, are the way to a healthier, happier, and better performing country “, said Paul Olteanu, founder of Mind Architect.

“Social responsibility is a priority of OTP group in Romania, and our main project that follows this mission, the OTP Bank Romania Foundation, starts a new strategic stage this month. My colleague’s mission is to create valuable educational content for impactful educational initiatives, both inside and outside the system. The association with Mind Architect is a natural approach, considering we have a collaboration of more than two years. We first supported the first podcast on neuroscience in Romania, and now we support a revolutionary program for the most important social category: children and young people. Understanding neuroscience will not be a simple teaching approach, but a transformational learning experience, which will contribute to the integrated emotional and cognitive development of those who will shape our society’s future,” said Diana Misa – President of the Director Council of OTP Bank Romania Foundation, HR Executive Director of OTP Bank Romania.

 “A project that the Ministry of Education is glad to support, with neuroscience bringing a new approach to learning in the classroom and guiding education towards skills building, rather than knowledge, and towards the development of emotional intelligence. It is certainly a bridge that can provide a useful, neuroscientific basis for educational practice,” said Sorin Ion, Secretary of State for Pre-University Education, Ministry of Education.

 The project is founded by Mind Architect Podcast, the most listened to podcast in Romania at the moment, together with the OTP Bank Romania Foundation, and benefits of the Ministry of Education’s support in trying to bring neuroscience in the classroom.



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