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August 8, 2022

Dacian Ciolos: I consider merger between USR and PLUS completed

Freshly elected leader of USR PLUS Dacian Ciolos  (photo R) considers the party’s Congress concludes the merger between USR and PLUS.

“We have left the merger process behind today, I hope, with this Congress. I consider it over. Maybe there will be more friction and misunderstanding, it’s human, although it could also affect our power to grow. There will probably be more propensities to sides, but I would ask those who want to find refuge in them to think carefully before building walls. If an opinion that we do not like does not become marginal and enough of us support it, it means that it has the right to exist, even if we do not always like it. I am convinced that together we will learn dialogue, we will learn to listen to one another, to hear each other out and to share ideas, even if they are not always exactly the ones we have,” Dacian Ciolos said on Saturday at the USR PLUS Congress.

He stressed that USR PLUS is a relevant party for the Romanian society and its possible failure risks becoming the country’s failure.

“Never forget that we have a party relevant to Romanian politics and extremely important for society. Our failure risks being the failure of this country. That is why it is important what we vote and what we decide. We are the ones who can change Romania and the change starts today. USR PLUS is the party of today’s and tomorrow’s policy of trust and change. It will be difficult, but it will be for a better Romania,” Ciolos went on to say.

MEP Dacian Ciolos was elected on Friday evening as Chairman of the Save Romania Union – Freedom, Unity, and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance in the second round of the formation’s leadership election, garnering 19,603 votes, as to the 18,900 of his opponent, Dan Barna, the party’s spokesman Ionut Mosteanu announced.

Dacian Ciolos also won the first round of the internal election for USR PLUS Chairman.


Barna: It was a real competition, a natural competition in a living and authentic party


Dan Barna, who lost the election for the position of leader of USR PLUS after the second round of the internal elections, declared on Saturday, at the party’s congress, that he will continue to support the National Bureau team and will stay by Dacian Ciolos in order to take the party further.

“Maybe from the outside it would seem that USR PLUS is going through difficult times these days. It is not true at all. It was a real competition, a natural competition in a living and authentic party. We have a result and that gives us the strength to go further. After each competition, after each result, for those who have been following the life of USR for five years and USR PLUS for two years, we proved that the party was stronger and we moved ahead even more strongly. (…) I’m here, I’ll stay here and we’ll move forward together. We managed to put together a project to which no one gave a chance and we see these days, and we have seen in these five years, how hard it has been and how much opposition we saw in the old political class, desperate that a fresh air is coming in Romanian politics. I carry on this project, I will support the team of the National Bureau, I am with Dacian Ciolos in the effort to take this party further, because USR PLUS is Romania’s true hope,” said Barna.

He added that in 2017, when he took over the presidency of USR PLUS, his goal was for this party to be one that matters in the long run for Romanian politics.

“I believe now, as I pass on the torch to Dacian Ciolos, that USR PLUS is a party that really matters in Romanian politics and this is our merit. We have taken over a party with 50 branches and 1,000 members, today we are a party with over 1,000 branches and over 50,000 members. We are the only party that has grown in this period and I am very proud to say that in my mandate politics in Romania has been enriched with people who will be the change for the next years,” said Barna, according to Agerpres.


Photo: Facebook/Dan Barna

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